Royal Marines use drones on patrol in Wales

Royal Marines have used small drones during a patrol training mission in Wales as they build up to an Arctic deployment, according to the Ministry of Defence.

MoD awards new military bridging contract to WFEL

WFEL, a supplier of rapidly deployable military bridges, has received a new contract from the Ministry of Defence for the supply of 17 Sets of its MGB Medium Girder Bridges. 

Royal Marines storm underground nuclear bunker

Royal Marines have entered a vast underground complex beneath a Wiltshire town for a training exercise, according to the Ministry of Defence.

British Army CBRN vehicles to be upgraded

The British Army fleet of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles are to be upgraded as part of a £16m contract.

Royal Welsh take part in Exercise Dragon Reset

Soldiers from the Royal Welsh have been taking part in urban warfare training at Nesscliff Training Area.

Military deployed to Birmingham to assist with COVID19 efforts

British troops are working with Birmingham City Council to provide personnel to support the 'Drop and Collect' Covid Test Distribution.

British Apache helicopters train over French Alps

4 Regiment Army Air Corps have been flying with their French counterparts in the Alps.

UK ‘must show greater ambition’ in Arctic security

The United Kingdom "must show greater ambition and apply more resources to address the developing security situation in the Arctic and the High North", says a report published by the Defence Sub-Committee.

UK risks ‘being left behind in combat’ if it scraps its tanks

With the debate about the future of British heavy ongoing, RUSI have published an article titled 'The British Army Should Seek to Retain an Armoured Capability'.

Analysts project 10-year $40.6 billion land-based radar market

In its latest analysis of the land-based radar market, Forecast International estimates that the market will have a value of at least $40.567 billion from 2020-2029.



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