Snatch Landrover to remain in service longer

It has been revealed that the Snatch Land Rover, slated to leave service in March 2024, is to have its service life extended beyond this date.

Britain’s armed forces equipment by the numbers

The latest annual report on the UK armed forces' equipment and formations presents a comprehensive overview of the land, maritime, and air capabilities of the UK.

British defence exports surge in 2022

In a turnaround from previous years, UK defence exports saw a significant surge in 2022, reaching £11.2 billion.

UK faces huge hurdle in Challenger 3 tank upgrades

In a recent session of the Defence Committee, a discussion unfolded regarding whether or not the UK has the capacity to upgrade enough Challenger 2 tanks to Challenger 3.

UK estimates over 300,000 Russian military casualties

UK estimates show about 302,000 Russian casualties, mass desertions, and significant losses including over 7,117 armoured vehicles in Ukraine,

BAE Systems issues trading update

BAE Systems anticipates a 5-7% increase in sales.

Glasgow firm contracted for huge MOD storage facility

An £86-million storage facility the size of 12 football pitches, or 75,000 metres squared, is being built in Longtown, Cumbria.

British Army strengthening readiness for war in Europe

"We established a programme that we called Operation Mobilise to mobilise the British Army to make it ready for war in Europe".

The inevitable consequences of complacency

The support seen for Hamas on the streets of London is an alarming example of how much support there still is for terrorist groups.

Britain and South Korea in joint military exercise

Over 2,000 personnel from both countries participated in Exercise Imjin Warrior 23, working together to improve the partnership between the two militaries.



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