353 extra troops deployed to assist Scottish covid response

An additional 353 personnel will deploy to locations across Scotland as part of an effort to support testing and vaccine delivery programmes.

Secretary General ‘NATO safeguards in an unpredictable world’

"Our adversaries challenge us using bombs and aircraft, but also bots and algorithms", NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

Defence firm create new ventilator

A new negative pressure ventilation assistance device has been developed by the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group.

Hospital locked down by armed police after workers stabbed

Crosshouse Hospital in Scotland has been locked down by armed police after reports of staff members being stabbed.

Military deploy to Scotland to assist COVID vaccine rollout

British troops will help to administer the vaccine in Scotland in order to support a faster rollout.

Scottish podcaster charged for threatening English police

After we reported that a commentator on the 'Aye Right' podcast said that he would 'happily take out English police officers crossing the border with a high powered rifle', Police Scotland have now charged the person with "with making threatening remarks".

Still no date for Warrior Capability Sustainment contract

The upgraded Warriors were originally due to enter service in March last year.

Professor Chris Whitty harassed by COVID-denier at lunch

Professor Chris Whitty, an epidemiologist and head of the public health profession, has been harassed by a man accusing him of "lying" about COVID19 cases while attempting to get lunch today.

British troops conduct first operational patrol in Mali

British troops have completed their first operational patrol with the UN's Mali peacekeeping mission.

77th Brigade ‘not being used against UK population’

77th Brigade were involved in countering misinformation online relating to #COVID19 but they are keen to stress they "do not, and have never, conducted any kind of action against British citizens".



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