Work starts on huge solar farm for British Army

The British Army's Solar Farm will be the size of 6 football pitches.

British troops complete ‘deterrence’ patrol in Mali

As well as troops in Gao, there are British forces in the capital Bamako.

NATO military committee chairman visits Ukraine

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach reiterated NATO's "full support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity".

UK’s ‘Iron Division’ deploys 1,300 troops to the United States

British, American and French troops are undertaking 'combat operations' in the United States. This sounds familiar...

Army logistic fleet upgrade hits milestone

The Army will have a total of 559 EPLS vehicles in the UK fleet, including 382 MAN HX77 EPLS MK 3 Conversions.

Britain doubling range of its M270 rocket artillery

The extended range munition will extend the reach of MLRS from 84km to 150km.

Nuclear weapon storage facility to open in central Glasgow

The UK Government have announced that a new nuclear weapons storage facility will open in the heart of Glasgow.

British Army deliver urban combat training in Ghana

Soldiers from the British Army have been delivering training in Ghana.

UK looking to accelerate introduction of Boxer

Boxer is hoped to have achieved initial operating capability by 2025.

Summary of the UK Defence Review

The overall shape and size of the British armed forces after the defence review has now been revealed.



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