British Carrier Strike Group to sail today

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group are off to Scotland.

HMS Prince of Wales heads to sea

The aircraft carrier was alongside in Portsmouth for just over one year but she is now returning to operations.

Extinction Rebellion block entrance to Faslane nuclear base

Activists have set up a blockade at the Faslane nuclear base on the Clyde by attaching themselves to plant pots.

Scottish waters to play host to massive military exercise

Over 30 naval vessels and 150 aircraft will soon arrive in Scotland

Rear half of HMS Glasgow rolled out of build hall

The rear half of first Type 26 Frigate HMS Glasgow was rolled out of the build hall earlier today.

Type 32 Frigates to be built in Rosyth

The Defence Secretary has appeared to confirm that Rosyth will be building more vessels that previously planned.

Rolls-Royce to manufacture propellers for American frigates

Ninety-five percent of the commissioned U.S. Navy surface fleet is already equipped with Rolls-Royce propellers.

British forces deliver vaccines to overseas territories

Enough doses of the vaccine have now been delivered to Tristan da Cunha to cover the entire adult population.

More frigates to be built in Scotland

Scottish shipyards will build a new type of frigate in addition to the 13 frigates already planned.

British Carrier Strike Group to sail through South China Sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group will sail through the South China Sea.



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