Hamworthy Pumps wins Type 31 Frigate contract

As a subcontractor for Babcock International Group, Hamworthy Pumps will supply the pump solutions for five Type 31 Frigates.

Soldiers sacked for their sexuality can now reclaim medals

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he welcomed "the fact that we can now address this historic wrong".

Britain’s Spearhead – The Carrier Strike Group

"The vast array of weaponry across the Carrier Strike Group is more than just a show of strength. It allows us to carry out whatever peacekeeping operations are necessary."

British carrier group to visit Greece in June

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group will visit Greece in June.

Australian warships to join British Carrier Group

Australian vessels are expected to join the British Carrier Strike Group at Singapore.

UK aircraft and US nuclear sub work together near Falklands

American nuclear submarine USS Greeneville recently worked with a British aircraft near the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

NATO warships conduct patrols in Western Mediterranean

NATO Operation Sea Guardian is a year-round tasking aimed at stopping illegal activities at sea.

Ultra to provide Variable Depth Sonar for Canadian frigates

Ultra has announced a contract award to commence work on the key Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) system for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) programme – named the Towed Low Frequency Active Sonar (TLFAS).

BAE naval guns selected for Belgian and Dutch navies

BAE has been selected to supply 12 Bofors 40 Mk4 naval guns to the Belgian and Dutch navies as part of the Mine Counter Measures Vessels (MCMV) programme.

British frigate demonstrates firepower

Effective at ranges up to about 2,000 metres, bullets from the new heavy machine-guns can penetrate light armour and will "tear through" speed boats.



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