The future of British seapower lies in ships like RFA Proteus

RFA Proteus represents the future of Britain's maritime capabilities.

Social Value in Defence Procurement and HMS Ambuscade

Integrating social value into defence procurement ensures that projects like the repatriation of HMS Ambuscade strengthen local economies, preserve heritage, and meet government objectives for sustainability and community engagement.

Trevelyan advocates for stronger Royal Navy presence

The speech by Anne-Marie Trevelyan at the First Sea Lord's Sea Power Conference highlighted the vital role of the Royal Navy in global security.

Future Royal Navy ships to need less crew

The Royal Navy is looking to incorporate more automated systems and robotics that can handle tasks traditionally performed by sailors.

UK ‘remains committed’ to Type 32 Frigate programme

A senior defence source told us that the UK remains committed to Type 32 and developing the project as part of the long-term shipbuilding pipeline in the UK.

Current status of Type 45 Destroyers revealed

Three of the vessels are available for deployment, while the remaining three are undergoing significant upgrades.

British forces ‘will not protect’ Gaza aid pier

The Ministry of Defence has provided detailed updates on the deployment of RFA Cardigan Bay to the Eastern Mediterranean, where it is supporting an international humanitarian effort in Gaza.

British warship and helicopter hunts submarines

Royal Navy submarine hunters have joined forces with international allies in Norway to enhance their collective skills in submarine warfare.

British forces ‘invade’ Sweden

Royal Marines have conducted a simulated invasion of Sweden during a large-scale exercise designed to test Sweden’s defensive capabilities.

Shapps outlines naval modernisation at Seapower Conference

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps outlined a vision for the future of the Royal Navy today, emphasising modernisation, technological advancements, and international collaboration.



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