F-35 conducts first Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth

An F-35 has conducted the first Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing on-board aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

NATO fleet takes part in Anti-Submarine Warfare training

Ships from Standing Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) recently participated in the Turkish led exercise Mavi Balina 2018 in the Eastern Mediterranean.

US Navy approves first 3D printed metal part for use at sea

A prototype drain strainer orifice assembly will be installed on USS Harry S. Truman for a one-year test and evaluation trial, say the US Navy.

Biggest helicopter in the US Navy lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth

An MH-53E Sea Dragon, the United States Navy's biggest helicopter, visited HMS Queen Elizabeth earlier in the week.

MV-22B lands on HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth has received a 'flying visit' from a US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey aircraft.

NATO Maritime Activities – What is the alliance doing at sea?

NATO naval forces have been very active recently, but what have they been doing?

Royal Marines raid Albanian coastline

Royal Marines Commandos have stormed the coastline of Albania as part of an exercise with NATO allies, say the MoD.

NATO Mine Counter Measure ships return to the Baltic Sea

Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group One (SNMCMG1) is returning to the Baltic Sea for what NATO call "another routine patrol". 

New £1bn deal signed for naval support work

The contracts, which the MoD say will secure over 700 jobs at shipyards across the country, will support the UK’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships and the Royal Navy’s Survey and Hydrographic Fleet.

HMS Albion arrives in Oman to lead exercise

HMS Albion has arrived in Oman ready to lead the naval element of the largest combined military exercise for UK forces since 2002.



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