British Carrier Strike Group passes through Suez Canal

HMS Queen Elizabeth and the other 9 vessels that are her Carrier Strike Group have passed through the Suez Canal.

HMS Prince of Wales visits Gibraltar

HMS Prince of Wales has undertaken her first port visit outside of the UK with a short stop in Gibraltar.

Type 45 Destroyers to receive £500m ‘firepower upgrade’

The missile capacity of each Type 45 Destroyer will be increased by around 50% with the addition of Sea Ceptor missiles.

British aircraft carrier passing through Suez canal

HMS Queen Elizabeth is passing through the Suez Canal for the first time.

More details released on role of the ‘National Flagship’

More details have emerged about how the new 'National Flagship' will operate.

HMS Prince of Wales to visit Gibraltar

The aircraft carrier is expected to arrive in Gibraltar on Tuesday in what will be the vessels first port visit outside of the United Kingdom.

Royal Navy testing drones to rescue overboard sailors

The Royal Navy is testing drones to help rescue sailors who fall overboard.

Royal Navy evaluating designs for new Type 83 Destroyer

The Royal Navy are now looking at concept designs for the upcoming Type 83 Destroyer, the warship that will replace the Type 45 Destroyers.

Type 31 Frigate export hopes to Greece, Poland & Indonesia

The UK Government and Babcock are pushing to export the Type 31 Frigate to Greece, Poland and Indonesia.

Prince William opens submarine training facility

Prince William visited Faslane to officially open a multi-million-pound submarine training facility.



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