NATO warships destroy 16 historical sea mines near Estonia

In a recent operation conducted in the Baltic Sea, NATO mine countermeasures experts successfully neutralised 16 historical sea mines in Estonian territorial waters.

UK and South Korea to conduct joint sea patrols

The United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea have signed a new Accord to jointly enforce sanctions against North Korea, focusing on halting its illegal weapons programme.

British frigate returns home

Embarking from Devonport in early August, HMS Portland's mission included the shadowing of Russian naval vessels and visits to ports from Belfast to Nova Scotia.

Sweden selects British CAMM missiles

MBDA has signed a contract with Sweden for the delivery of Common Anti-air Modular Missiles (CAMMs) for their Visby class corvettes.

Drone video shows status of ferries at Port Glasgow

A recent drone video provides a striking view of the ongoing construction of two vital but troubled ferries at the Ferguson Marine shipyard in Port Glasgow.

Irish activists shout at British naval vessel in Dublin

HMS Penzance, a minehunter, was the scene of multiple arrests whilst docked in Dublin after a small group of activists appeared at the vessel to protest non-existent British weapon flights.

Clyde naval base to get two new floating docks

The Ministry of Defence has announced plans to procure two new floating docks along with associated infrastructure for Faslane.

Disaster averted onboard British nuclear submarine

Engineers averted what could have been the worst Royal Navy disaster since World War Two.

Huge drop in ‘Militarily Useful’ British vessels

The fall in the number of 'militarily useful' British vessels from 841 in 2009 to 495 in 2023 represents a 41% decrease.

Update on the progress of the Ferguson ferries

Neil Gray, the Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy, has updated the Scottish Parliament on the new ferries being built at Port Glasgow.



Other News

NATO warships demonstrate interoperability

This exercise was the third iteration of the Neptune Strike series, focusing on the integration of high-end maritime warfare capabilities of carrier strike groups in defence of the Alliance.