American nuclear sub USS Pittsburgh arrives in Scotland

Los Angeles class nuclear submarine USS Pittsburgh has arrived at Faslane in Scotland for a routine visit.

HMS Montrose transits Panama Canal

HMS Montrose has passed through the Panama Canal on her way to the Pacific Ocean.

British and international firms to compete for Fleet Solid Support Ship contract

Four international shipbuilding firms and a consortium of British firms have been selected to complete for Fleet Solid Support Ship work.

Brazil to take over HMS Clyde once Royal Navy lease expires

Brazilian media are reporting that the country is to take over the lease of HMS Clyde when the Offshore Patrol Vessel leaves Royal Navy service.

Frigate HMS St Albans hunts submarine HMS Astute off Scottish coast

Type 23 Frigate HMS St Albans and nuclear submarine HMS Astute have faced off against each other off the Scottish coast.

Final Type 26 Frigate named HMS Edinburgh

The Defence Secretary has announced the name of another Type 26 Frigate, HMS Edinburgh.

HMS Diamond returns home

HMS Diamond has returned to Portsmouth after a two month deployment in the Mediterranean.

Sending survey ship to Ukraine ‘not a clever idea’

A former First Sea Lord has criticised plans to send a survey vessel to visit Ukraine in the wake of news that HMS Duncan was 'swarmed' by 17 Russian jets.

MP incorrectly claims ‘no naval vessels in Scottish waters’ despite major naval base

A Member of Parliament has incorrectly claimed that there are no Royal Navy vessels in Scottish waters, despite the presence of frigates, submarines, support vessels, patrol vessels and of course, a major Royal Navy base on the Clyde.

Aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales fires up engine for first time

Engineers aboard HMS Prince of Wales have turned on the diesel generators for the first time, say the Royal Navy.



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