Royal Marines exercise with US Marines

The Royal Navy say that 45 Commando are the guinea pigs for a new initiative by the head of the US Marine Corps, General Robert B Neller, who is determined to better prepare his men for battle – by pitching them against their peers.

L3 ASV delivers small long-endurance autonomous vessel to Royal Navy

L3 ASV has announced the successful delivery of a long-endurance autonomous vessel known as the C-Enduro to the Royal Navy.

Royal Marines train in Norway

Commandos of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1AGRM) are honing their tight formation skills in the ice-filled fjords of northern Norway, say the Royal Navy.

HMS Queen Elizabeth to deploy to the Pacific as ‘show of strength’

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has confirmed that HMS Queen Elizabeth will deploy to the Pacific as a "show of strength" in 2021.

UK to purchase two Littoral Strike Ships

The UK is set to acquire two Littoral Strike Ships with the ability to launch troops and their equipment via helicopters and boats.

HMS Ledbury trains in the Gulf

Minehunter HMS Ledbury has been testing her guns and mine disposal equipment during training in the Gulf, say the Royal Navy.

Frigate HMS Montrose visits Darwin, Australia

HMS Montrose has visited Australia’s northernmost city, Darwin. 

Canadian Type 26 Frigate contract awarded after legal challenge dismissed

The Type 26 Global Combat Ship has been officially chosen as the design for the Canadian Surface Combatant despite a legal challenge from a rival bidder, with the contract having been awarded this morning.

42 Commando Royal Marines practice Maritime Boarding tactics

42 Commando have been perfecting their board and search/protection skills alongside the US Marines equivalent, FASTCENT, say the Ministry of Defence.

MARCOM in Northwood hosts maritime exercise planners

NATO exercise planning experts worked together as part of the Maritime Exercise Working Group (MEWG) during a two-day meeting at Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) headquarters in Northwood to review, coordinate and synchronise maritime exercises.



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