Royal Navy trials using commercial tankers to sustain fleet

The Royal Navy has announced that they have been exploring the idea of NATO naval vessels using commercial tankers to supply fuel to warships "in times of crisis".

Drone footage shows build progress of troubled ferries

One of our team members decided to use his drone to take a look at the progress being made on the two ferries currently being built at the Ferguson Marine shipyard in Port Glasgow, here's the footage!

New patrol boat delivered to Royal Navy

HMS Cutlass, the first of two new high-speed patrol boats, has been commissioned into the Gibraltar Fast Patrol Squadron.

HMS Shoreham leaves Clyde to be decommissioned

HMS Shoreham has departed Faslane for the last time.

Might ‘Protector’ drones operate from British carriers?

General Atomics has shown off a concept for a carrier-capable MQ-9B drone, a type already entering service with the Royal Air Force.

French frigate visits Scotland

French frigate FS Aquitaine berthed at Fairlie Quay on the west coast of Scotland today.

Majority of Scots back keeping Trident according to poll

A new poll has found that 58% of people in Scotland believe that Trident should be kept rather than axed.

British warships join task force to protect Red Sea shipping

HMS Montrose and RFA Lyme Bay have joined the US-led Combined Task Force 153.

Contracts worth £2bn awarded for Dreadnought sub project

Contracts of over £2 billion have been awarded to begin the third major phase of the Dreadnought submarine nuclear deterrent programme, taking the programme up to sea trials.

British destroyer returns to sea for first time since 2019

HMS Duncan is back at sea after a major overhaul.



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