UK and US call out Russia for SolarWinds compromise

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has been blamed for the SolarWinds cyber attack.

Russia deploys bombers near Ukraine

The 559th Fighter Bomber Aviation Regiment has been deployed to the Black Sea region.

NCSC warns against cyber security complacency

Basic cyber hygiene "is as important a life skill as knowing how to wire a plug".

G7 Foreign Ministers condemn Russia

"We call on Russia to cease its provocations and to immediately de-escalate tensions."

US report ‘UK likely to continue to punch above its weight’

The report warns that the UK must however deal with current challenges.

Prince Philip has died aged 99

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, has died aged 99.

New ‘The carriers have jets’ charity T-Shirt

We’re attempting to raise money for a yet to be decided armed forces charity, why not help us by telling everyone that lays eyes upon you that the carriers do indeed have jets?

‘The OSINT Bunker’ – Episode 4 released

The latest episode of the popular defence podcast involves a discussion about the UK Defence Journal, the future of UK defence and a talk about tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

‘The OSINT Bunker’ – Episode 3 released

The latest episode of the popular defence podcast covers the Defence Command Paper and more.

B-1 bomber lands in Arctic Circle for first time

In a first-of-its-kind event, an American B-1 bomber landed and refuelled at Bodø Air Base inside the Arctic circle.



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