UK cyber chief urges ‘Security by Design’ in AI development

Lindy Cameron, CEO of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), has emphasised the crucial need for artificial intelligence (AI) to be developed with security as a foundational element.

We’re talking about AI a lot right now

When OpenAI unchained the "beast" that is ChatGPT back in November 2022, the pace of market competition between tech companies involved in AI increased exponentially.

Cyber-attacks reveal threat to democracy

The revelations this month that data on 40 million UK voters had been exposed to hackers came as no surprise to many cybersecurity experts, who have long pointed out the vulnerability of democracies to malicious online interference.

NCSC marks 20 years since GCHQ’s cyber defence debut

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has celebrated its two-decade anniversary of the inaugural response by GCHQ to a state-driven cyber assault against the UK.

NCSC issues warning on cyber vulnerabilities

The report revealed that malicious cyber attackers had a greater inclination towards exploiting older software vulnerabilities rather than recently disclosed ones.

Russian disinformation and British aircraft carriers

Russian English language channels on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms had boasted that HMS Prince of Wales had been scrapped, even though the vessel is now at sea.

British ‘eggs in one basket’ with limited tank numbers

"We might be better off going for large numbers or larger numbers of less capable vehicles, because losses are inevitable", argued Lt. Col. Stuart Crawford on the latest episode of The OSINT Bunker podcast.

Analyst sheds light on Ukraine and challenges in OSINT

In this episode of @TheOsintBunker, Jakub Janovsky (@Rebel44CZ), a member of the Oryx project, joins @DefenceGeek, @geoallison and @AnAustinThing2 to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin’s fading ‘Strong Man’ image

Vladimir Putin's image as an unassailable 'strong man' has been a vital component of his political narrative discuss @DefenceGeek, @geoallison and @AnAustinThing2.

NHS trusts challenged by attack surface complexities

New data released today highlights challenges faced by NHS trusts in monitoring connected devices and meeting compliance requirements.



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