UK calls out China state-affiliated cyber targeting

APT31, a China state-affiliated actor, was almost certainly responsible for targeting UK parliamentarians’ emails in 2021.

Romanian Patriot battery conducts deployment exercise

A battery of the Romanian Air Force's 74th PATRIOT Regiment conducted a deployment exercise.

Wargaming facility to ‘boost operations and experience’

A dedicated wargaming facility used by the Royal Navy – and the wider UK Armed Forces – will help improve decision-making for both operations and sailors’ lived experience. Just metres away from where the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Western Europe was directed exactly 80 years ago – is the UK Strategic Command Defence Experimentation and Wargaming Hub, a...

BAE receives $318m contract for M109 Self-Propelled Howitzers

BAE has been awarded $318m from the U.S. Army to support its fleet of M109A6 and A7 Self-Propelled Howitzers and M992A3 ammunition vehicles.

Number of young people arrested on terrorism hits record

Of the 219 arrests for terrorism related offences last year 19 percent (42) of these were young people aged 17 and under.

Hackers threaten to release huge amount of NHS Scotland data

EXCLUSIVE - A ransomware group has threatened to release an astonishing three terabytes of stolen NHS patient and staff data, which it says will be published "soon" if their demands are not met.

Haiti, Yemen, Ukraine aid and British carriers

The panel discusses the crisis in Haiti, Israel's plans to tackle Hezbollah in Lebanon, Ukraine's seaborne success against Russia and issues with the UK's aircraft carriers.

Smallest Royal Navy ships make big impact in Norway

HMS Biter, Blazer, Exploit and Trumpeter have completed a month-long voyage to venture further north than any of their class have gone in 35 years’ service.

UK and allies expose tactics of Russian cyber actors

Malicious cyber actors linked to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service are adapting their techniques in response to the increasing shift to cloud-based infrastructure.

Defence chief assures ‘Britain is secure’


"No one in the Ministry of Defence is talking about conscription in any traditional sense of the term. Britain is safe."



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