77th Brigade ‘not being used against UK population’

77th Brigade were involved in countering misinformation online relating to #COVID19 but they are keen to stress they "do not, and have never, conducted any kind of action against British citizens".

MoD remove mention of Dutch warship from carrier deployment

A post from the Ministry of Defence detailing the upcoming deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth mentioned a Dutch warship, that mention has now been removed.

Israeli firm awarded £123m future UK naval training contract

Elbit Systems UK has been awarded an £123 million contract by the Ministry of Defence to deliver the Royal Navy Future Naval Training Programme as part of the Fisher consortium led by Capita plc. 

British Carrier Strike Group declared operational

Britain is now able to deploy a combat capable Carrier Strike Group anywhere in the world.

UK ‘committed to holding Russia to account’ for aggression

The UK is "committed to holding Russia to account for its aggression and destabilising behaviour" according to a Government Minister.

UK ‘no intention’ of developing lethal autonomous weapons

The United Kingdom has ruled out developing weapon systems capable of using lethal force without human intervention.

Both carriers to undergo ‘remedial work’ to prevent flooding

Both Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers are to undergo "remedial work" to prevent a repetition of events that caused flooding damage to HMS Prince of Wales.

Royal Navy warship arrives in the Shetlands

It should be noted that, despite local speculation, the vessel isn't in the area to hunt for foreign fishermen.

Canadian warship repaired in UK

HMCS Toronto recently took part in Exercise Joint Warrior alongside British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

British Army conduct major cyber competition

Over 400 UK and international defence cyber specialists have taken part in the UK’s biggest cyber competition.



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