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Defence Committee report outlines recommendations to ensure UK gets the most out of F-35

A Defence Committee report has examined the allegations made by The Times in its investigation into the F-35 programme and has compiled a list of recommendations.

Defence Select Committee criticise MoD over failure to respond to F-35 criticism appropriately

n July 2017, The Times conducted an investigation into the F-35 programme, in a report the Defence Select Committee has criticised the MoD response.

Lack of transparency over F-35 costs is ‘unacceptable’ say MPs

A Defence Select Committee report has slammed the MoD response to requests for clarification on key issues including cost and demands six monthly updates on the F-35 programme.

MoD rule out A400M Atlas in-flight refuelling provision due to AirTanker contract

A response to a Freedom of Information request has outlined the reasoning behind the decision not to use the A400M in the refuelling role.

UK takes delivery of 14th F-35B

The 14th F-35B for the United Kingdom has been delivered by Lockheed Martin.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital helipad enables more than 400 helicopter landings

The helipad at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital was made possible, in part, by charity HELP (Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads).

12 Squadron named as new Typhoon squadron

Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin has revealed that a new Typhoon squadron will be No. 12 squadron, and that it will temporarily integrate Qatari personnel, including pilots and ground-crew based at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

Argentine sub was ‘chased by British helicopter’ says family member despite Britain not having...

The Ministry of Defence has said the woman's story is 'completely untrue', understandable given the fact Britain doesn't operate any anti-submarine helicopters in the South Atlantic.

Dispute in German defence Ministry over choice of Typhoon or F-35 to replace Tornado

Earlier in the year, German defence ministry sources appeared to favour the F-35 to replace Tornado but now some have spoken out in favour of Typhoon

Introducing MAGMA, an unmanned aircraft BAE say will be ‘the future of aviation’

BAE Systems and The University of Manchester have successfully completed the first phase of flight trials with MAGMA – an unmanned aerial vehicle.



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