Babcock secures 3.5 year Tomahawk Land Attack Missile contract

Babcock has secured a 3.5 year Tomahawk contract.

British firm Marshall commence preparatory work for UK E-7 fleet

Marshall has signed a contract with Boeing for preparatory work for the UK E-7 order.

Airbus A400M achieves paratrooper deployment milestone

An A400M Atlas carried out the successful deployment of 50 paratroopers.

British firm Marshall rolls out first Bangladeshi C-130J

Marshall Aerospace rolled out the first C-130J for the Bangladesh Air Force.

138 UK F-35 Lightnings, do we still need them? – A personal view

138 F-35s over the "life of the programme", do we need that many and how long is that?

UK and Sweden to work together on future combat aircraft

Penny Mordaunt and her Swedish counterpart signed the agreement.

RAF looking at unmanned combat drones to ‘make up volume’

The drones will be deployed alongside the F-35 and Typhoon.

Airbus reveal ‘Bird of Prey’ airliner concept

Dubbed the 'Bird of Prey', the design seeks to highlight UK design credentials, say Airbus.

South Korea fires warning shots at Russian aircraft

Russian aircraft entered an air defence identification zone.

US F-35 jets train with NATO allies in Poland and the Baltics

The US forward deployed F-35 jets to Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.



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