The Lockheed Martin ‘JSTARS Recap’ project, look familiar?

Lockheed Martin-led JSTARS Recap team intend to provide the US Air Force a superior platform to the current JSTARS.

Gremlin drone swarms enter next phase of project

Gremlin is a low-cost, reusable unmanned aircraft designed to be used in swarms. 

Cobham adds 3SDL to their ASDOT Delivery Team

Cobham and Draken International have teamed with 3SDL for the Ministry of Defence Air Support to Defence Operational Training programme.

Leonardo signs contract with MoD for pre-flight threat simulation equipment

Leonardo has been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Defence which will see the company provide in-service support for its pre-flight threat simulation equipment, currently being used on the Typhoon, Tornado, Merlin, Wildcat, Chinook and C130J platforms.

NATO air force leaders meet to discuss Alliance air capabilities

NATO Air Force Chiefs from 27 NATO nations and four Partnership nations convened at Headquarters Allied Air Command, Ramstein Airbase, Germany.

UK holds discussions with Sweden over fighter collaboration

The UK and Sweden have conducted initial talks regarding collaboration on a future fighter aircraft.

Leonardo unveils BriteCloud 55-T missile decoy

The company say that the new 55-T is able to protect large military transport aircraft such as the C-130, KC-390 and A400M from modern, radar-guided missiles.

BAE awarded contract for Future Combat Air System work

BAE Systems has been awarded contract by the Ministry of Defence to work on Future Combat Air System (FCAS) concepts and technologies.

Defence Committee blast Government over lack of E-D Sentry AWACS aircraft

Reports suggest that only one of the six E-3D Sentry AWACS fleet owned by the UK is available.

F-35 visits RAF Valley for the first time

The future of Royal Air Force and Royal Navy air power, the F-35, has visited the home of UK advanced fighter pilot training.



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