American F-35 conducts acoustic and emissions tests in UK

Tests and evaluations were conducted to collect acoustic and bioenvironmental data specific to the F-35A Lightning II.

UK forces deliver more Coronavirus vaccines to Gibraltar

An A400M Atlas aircraft from 70 Squadron has delivered the latest batch of Coronavirus vaccines to Gibraltar.

Typhoon jets provide air support to Iraqi troops

Typhoon jets assisted Iraqi ground forces.

No, British jets aren’t helping Israel to bomb Gaza

There have been claims on social media that British jets are helping the Israeli Air Force bomb targets in Gaza, the claims are false.

UK signs contract worth £1.4bn for 14 new Chinooks

A contract worth £1.4 billion has been agreed for the purchase of 14 new Chinook aircraft over the next 10 years.

US and British paratroopers in ‘forcible entry’ into Europe

A joint force of British and American paratroopers jumped into Estonia for an exercise.

Competition to enhance Royal Navy early warning capabilities

Current plans are to replace Crowsnest fitted Merlins with an uncrewed air platform, do you have a better idea?

HMS Queen Elizabeth F-35s fire missiles off Scottish coast

This is the first time British F-35Bs have fired ASRAAM missiles whilst operating from an aircraft carrier.

British jets fly with B-52 bombers over Eastern Europe

Two Typhoons escorted two B-52H Stratofortress bombers over Eastern Europe.

Newest British P-8 Poseidon named ‘Guernsey’s Reply’

Due to be delivered to the RAF in September 2021, 'Guernsey’s Reply' is undergoing its final checks at the Boeing factory.



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