Glasgow Superhospital helipad has nearly 1,000 landings in 4 years

The QEUH helipad in Glasgow has seen close to 1,000 helicopter landings, thanks to help from the HELP Appeal charity.

Reaction Engines complete SABRE rocket engine temperature trials

Reaction Engines tested their precooler heat exchanger.

Poland prepares to order UK built AW101 military helicopters

Poland has signed a £77m agreement relating to AW101 military helicopters.

NATO fighters and refuellers to train in Netherlands

Live-fly exercises are taking place in the airspace over the Netherlands.

New Joint Air Defence Group launched

Command has transferred from the Royal Air Force to the Army. 

Japanese F-35 reported missing, search underway

The Japanese Air Self-Defence Force has announced that an F-35 has been lost.

Reaper strikes Islamic State fighters in a trench

A Reaper unmanned aircraft hit two terrorists in a trench at Baghuz Fawqani.

Typhoon jets continue fight against Islamic State in Syria

Typhoon jets supported the Syrian Democratic Forces attacking Islamic State.

RAF visit American PTN in attempt to speed up pilot training

The Royal Air Force have visited the Pilot Training Next facility in Austin, Texas.

Despite Indian claims, all Pakistani F-16 jets accounted for

Indian officials insist that they downed a Pakistani F-16 but a count of the aircraft contradicts this claim.



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