British jets scramble due to Russian activity near Romania

NATO radars detected Russian aircraft in international airspace over the southern Black Sea heading towards Romanian airspace.

P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft drops torpedo

A Royal Air Force P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft has released a torpedo for the first time.

BAE awarded £135m contract to enhance Typhoon capability

Phased Enhancement Package 3c includes enhancements to Typhoon’s capability when operating the Meteor missile, the Brimstone precision air-to-surface missile, the MIDS Link 16 data link and radio, as well as the defensive aids sub-system.

British E-3D Sentry completes last mission before retirement

The RAF's E-3 Sentry airborne early warning aircraft fleet has completed its last operational mission with their replacement not due until 2023.

British Army looking to airdrop vehicles from A400M

The Ministry of Defence have issued a tender notice valued at up to £50m setting out requirements for a system to drop vehicles from A400M 'Atlas' transport aircraft.

Government could pay £75m for exclusive use of charter aircraft

One of the requirements for the £75m aircraft is to provide "highly desirable travel to the United States" despite a Voyager aircraft having been convetered for ministerial transport to save money on aircraft charters.

New UK Space Command launched

UK Space Command will provide command and control of all of UK's military space capabilities, including the UK’s Space Operations Centre, RAF Fylingdales, SKYNET and other capabilities.

Scottish Affairs Committee examining defence in Scotland

The Scottish Affairs Committee has today launched a new inquiry examining the military landscape in Scotland.

British ‘Tempest’ combat jet project gets more funding

The £250m contract, signed by BAE Systems, officially marks the start of the programme’s concept and assessment phase. 

F-35B fitted with Meteor missile ‘middle of this decade’

British F-35B jets will be equipped with Meteor missiles by the 'middle of this decade' say the Ministry of Defence.



Other News

HMS Prince of Wales to sail with F-35s later this year

Lockheed Martin have detailed the work of Lightning Team UK in preperaring for the current deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth and upcoming sailing of HMS Prince of Wales.