Britain funding ‘hypersonic weapon demonstrator’

It has been announced that £2 billion will be invested between now and 2026 in programmes to develop "the generation-after-next of military capabilities" including hypersonic weapons and space defence.

Finland and Sweden train with NATO air defence forces

"Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there has been an increased use of missiles, drones and combat aircraft close to the borders of NATO nations".

American fighter jets heading to Glasgow Prestwick Airport

10 American F/A-18 Hornet jets belonging to the U.S. Marine Corps will be landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland this evening.

British and Finnish fighter jets conduct joint exercises

British jets are in Finland for exercises not long after Defence Secretary Ben Wallace made clear that the United Kingdom would defend Finland and Sweden regardless of NATO membership.

Glasgow Prestwick Airbase – Package holidays and NATO jets

Glasgow Prestwick Airport, a regional airport filled with holidaymakers heading to the Mediterranean, is now effectively a bustling NATO air base supplying Ukraine.

British tankers on station over Europe refuelling NATO jets

Voyager tankers are on station supporting fighter jets on patrol over Eastern Europe as part of Britain's effort to help secure the 'Eastern Flank' of NATO against potential Russian aggression.

British RC-135 aircraft over Baltic Sea monitoring Russia

A British RC-135 'Rivet Joint', an electronic surveillance aircraft, is once again over the Baltic Sea monitoring Russian forces.

British jets go up against American destroyer

British F-35s and Typhoons together with Czech Gripens worked with American destroyer USS Gravely during an air defence exercise as part of Neptune Shield 22 last week.

MoD purchase ‘high end aerospace grade’ 3D printer

The Ministry of Defence has awarded a £913K contract to Renishaw for a high-end 'Aerospace Grade Metallic' 3D printer with the potential to 'print' spare parts for aircraft.

American A-10 ‘Tank Busters’ land in Scotland

A number of A-10C Thunderbolt II attack aircraft have arrived at Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland on their way back to the United States.



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