Turkish E-7T acts as airborne command post for NATO exercise

A Turkish Air Force E-7T has acted as the airborne command and control post for fighter activities above the Baltic Sea Region during NATO's multinational exercise Ramstein Alloy for the first time, say the Alliance.

Typhoon jets practise interception over Scotland

Typhoon jets departed RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland in order to conduct Quick Reaction Alert training with a Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft operated by Draken.

Britain takes command of NATO jets defending Romania

Britain has taken command of NATO’s air policing mission in Romania.

Britain sending more fighter jets to Eastern Europe

Together with eight Typhoons stationed in Cyprus, this uplift will bring the total number of RAF fighter jets stationed in the region to 14.

Draken to provide ‘aggressor’ aircraft to fight RAF jets

Draken Europe has won a six-year contract to provide 'aggressor' aircraft and pilots for RAF pilots to "fight" against during combat training.

Royal Navy carrier supply drones impress in trials

One of the drones travelled 1,000km to drop a 100kg payload on a platform replicating a Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier flight deck.

MoD ‘not proceeding’ with Counter-UAS after faults found

The Ministry of Defence has taken the decision not to proceed with the procurement of Counter-Uncrewed Air System technology from a specific supplier after unresolvable issues were found during the demonstration phase.

Atlas transport aircraft practises night flying around Glasgow

A Royal Air Force A400M 'Atlas' transport aircraft was practising 'touch and go' landings at Glasgow International Airport last night, arriving in the area around 9pm.

Britain, US and Australia to work together on hypersonic missiles

Britain will work with the US and Australia on the development of hypersonic weapons.

British, US and Polish jets train for combat over Poland

10 fighter jets from Britain, America and Poland executed air to air combat training over Poland this week.



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