British and French paratroopers ready to deploy and fight together

British and French paratroopers are now ready to deploy together on joint operations, say the British Army.

744 Naval Air Squadron reformed to bring Crowsnest into service

744 Naval Air Squadron will be instrumental in introducing the Crowsnest Merlin to front-line service over the next 18 months, say the Royal Navy.

UK orders next batch of 17 F-35B Lightning jets

The 17 new F-35B aircraft will be delivered between 2020 and 2022, say the Ministry of Defence.

British Typhoon jets arrive in Qatar for joint exercise

British Typhoons have arrived in Qatar ahead of the joint UK/Qatari exercise, 'EPIC SKIES II'.

First South Korean A330 MRTT lands in country for acceptance tests

The first Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) has landed in Gimhae Air Base in Busan, South Korea for its acceptance tests.

Eurofighter Typhoon fleet hits 500,000 flying hour milestone

The global fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft have passed the 500,000 flying hours mark.

First missile firing by Gripen E

Gripen E has successfully completed the first tests to verify the ability to release and launch external payloads.

BAE use commercial air traffic data to enhance air traffic awareness for military pilots

BAE Systems has created a low-cost system that uses existing satellite navigation and commercial aircraft data to improve airspace safety.

HMS Queen Elizabeth begins second phase of F-35 trials

HMS Queen Elizabeth welcomed back her F-35 Lightning jets for part two of flying trials.

Reaper attacks Islamic State fighters while Typhoons destroy caves

A Reaper attacked a group of terrorists caught in the open in eastern Syria, whilst Typhoon jets collapsed the entrance to a cave containing stockpiled weapons in northern Iraq.



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