MoD signs £65 million contract for new Protector drones

A £65 million contract has been awarded to build the UK’s first three Protector drones. 

Huawei to be stripped from UK 5G networks by 2027

Earlier in the year, US Senator Tom Cotton warned that the UK’s decision to allow Huawei to build aspects of its 5G network "raises too great a risk for us to have that advanced aircraft in any nation with this system", he said speaking of US F-35 deployments in the UK.

Boeing and U.S. Air Force sign deal for new F-15EX jets

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Boeing a nearly $1.2 billion contract to build the first lot of eight advanced F-15EX fighter jets.

‘Carrier with no planes’ – The myth that’s even being repeated by MPs

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her F-35 jets have been out to sea a few times now for trials and exercises so it's hard to imagine people, especially a Member of Parliament, spreading the myth that 'the carrier has no aircraft' but here we are.

British RC-135 Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft operational after upgrades

The RAF's other two RC-135 Rivet Joint jets (often referred to as Airseeker) will undergo the same programme of upgrades in due course.

Poseidon MRA1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft takes part in first NATO exercise

On one sortie an RAF Poseidon launched simulated attacks within 10 minutes of taking over contact from a US Navy Poseidon.

What progress has been made fitting AESA radars to Typhoon jets?

The Ministry of Defence say the project to demonstration, manufacture and integrate AESA radars with the British Typhoon fleet is "continuing at pace".

BAE unveil ‘intelligent factory’ for Tempest combat aircraft

BAE Systems have unveiled what it calls a "first of its kind factory" to advance manufacturing on Tempest., the UK’s next generation combat aircraft.

German Air Force to convert two Airbus A321neoLR for troop transport

Lufthansa will prepare the two aircraft for various types of missions such as troop transport and medical evacuation.

New training system for Reaper and Protector Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

The new Reaper training system will also be used for the new Protector RPAS which will enter RAF service in the early-2020s.



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