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UK cuts helicopter training due to shortage of funds

According to the Annual Assurance Report released by the Defence Safety Authority, the majority of overseas helicopter training exercises have been cut due to cost.

New stats reveal scale of veterans contribution to society and challenges myths

New figures from the Office of National Statistics reveal the contribution veterans make to the economy and society, challenging many misconceptions.

RAF involvement in Islamic State fight could be scaled back

Air Commodore Johnny Stringer predicts that Operation Shader, the fight against Islamic State, will be drawn down as the group are now seriously eroded.

Lockheed Martin receives contract to develop high energy laser capabilities

The awarded contract funds development of high power laser to be tested on a fighter jet.

Coalition strikes continue against Islamic State

Coalition military forces continued strikes against Islamic State this week, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today. Officials reported details of recent strikes,...

UK procures spare parts and support for Tomahawk missiles

Spare parts and support for the UK Tomahawk missile stockpile are being procured by the Ministry of Defence with work being carried out in the US and in Scotland.

Typhoon jets train in Estonia

Four Typhoons from 3 Squadron have this week been undertaking Air-Land Integration training with the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup in Estonia.

Norway’s first F-35 jets arrive in country

Norwegian F-35 jets have landed in the country for the first time marking a major milestone in the F-35 programme.

Brimstone missile trials on Typhoon complete successfully

A series of live firings of the Brimstone precision strike missile from a Eurofighter Typhoon have been completed successfully.

F-35 production lot 12 long lead items ordered

A contract has been awarded supporting the procurement of long-lead items in support of F-35 low-rate initial production Lot 12.



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