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German Tornado jet fleet still unable to fight at night

German Tornado aircraft are still unable to fight at night, ministers have told lawmakers.

WATCH: First all British refuelling sortie completed with F-35B and Voyager

British Pilots currently training on the F-35B Lightning aircraft in MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina, have completed the first all British air to air refuelling sorties for the new stealth jets.

Typhoon Training Facility expanded at RAF Lossiemouth

The expansion of BAE Systems Typhoon Training Facility at RAF Lossiemouth was completed recently, say the Ministry of Defence.

RAF prepares for operation of MQ-9B Protector remotely piloted air system

A small team of Royal Air Force personnel based in the United States is preparing the way for the introduction into service of the UK's new remotely piloted air system, the MQ-9B Protector, say the RAF.

US aiming to lower cost of F-35 to ‘same levels as current fourth-generation fighters’...

The F-35A was expected to cost $85 million, less than any fourth-generation fighter ‘in the 2019-2020 timeframe’ with the other two F-35 variants also reducing significantly in price.

Islamic State defeat ‘is near’ top Pentagon officials say

The defeat of the "caliphate" that the Islamic State claimed in Syria and Iraq is near defeat, US officials said at the Pentagon today. Speaking...

Reaper destroys Islamic State drone in eastern Syria

The Reaper crew spotted the conventional winged drone on a flat roof where it had landed.

Atlas replaces Hercules on the Falkland Islands

An Atlas A400M transport aircraft arrived in the Falkland Islands last week to take over as tactical airlift, maritime reconnaissance, search and rescue and humanitarian assistance responsibilities from the locally based C-130 Hercules.

Leonardo to provide defensive aids suite for British Army’s new Apache AH-64E helicopters

Leonardo has announced that it has been contracted by the Ministry of Defence to provide a defensive aids suite for the British Army’s new fleet of Apache AH-64E helicopters.

British Paras in joint exercise with American 82nd Airborne

British Paratroopers from 16 Air Assault Brigade have been testing themselves alongside their American counterparts in an expansive and wide-ranging exercise, say the British...



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