BAE moving Compass Call electronic warfare system to modern platforms

BAE Systems is transitioning its advanced Compass Call EW systems to modern aircraft to significantly improve mission effectiveness say the company.

WATCH: F-35, Tornado and Lancaster flypast from inside the Lancaster

The reformed 617 Squadron was celebrated at this year's Royal International Air Tattoo with a flypast of the Lancaster, Tornado and F-35 Lightning aircraft.  

Royal Navy pilot hails ‘unique simulator’ supporting first of class F-35 flight trials

One of the UK's leading F-35 Lightning test pilots has spoken of the importance of a simulator for use in preparation of flight trials on board HMS Queen Elizabeth.

UK receives 20th A400M Atlas transport aircraft

The Royal Air Force has taken delivery of its 20th A400M Atlas transport aircraft.

Britain wants ‘leading role’ in next-generation fighter project – Air Chief Marshal

Britain is looking to maintain a leading role in future combat aircraft projects according to Air Chief Marshal Stephen Hillier.

The speech delivered by the Chief of the Defence Staff at the Air Power Conference

General Sir Nick Carter delivered the following speech at the Air Power Conference this week.

UK to spend $650 million on 200 AIM-120D AMRAAM missiles

The US State Department has approved a purchase of up to two hundred AIM-120D AMRAAM missiles for an estimated cost of $650 million. 

Tender for E-3D Sentry replacement must be open to fair competition

The Sentry aircraft replacement should be put out to a competitive tender, rather than bought 'off the shelf' with no competition taking place say the Defence Committee.

Sensitive Reaper drone documents leaked on the Dark Web

It is not uncommon to uncover sensitive data being offered for sale on the dark web. However, it is rare for hackers to steal and then attempt to sell military documents on an open market.

Protector unmanned aircraft makes solo trans-Atlantic flight

This is the first time a medium altitude, long endurance remotely piloted air system like Protector has flown across the Atlantic.



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