‘There will be no cuts’ states MP in response to claims of huge slashes...

Last week, a Sunday Times article reported the 'worst case scenario' list of defence cuts for the upcoming defence review.

Saab starts Gripen jet production in Brazil

Saab Aeronáutica Montagens has started the production of new Gripen E/F fighters in Brazil.

Chugach wins $119m USAF contract to support RAF Ascension Island

American firm Chugach JV has won a $119m U.S. Air Force contract to help maintain facilities at the Ascension Island Auxiliary Airfield, otherwise known as RAF Ascension Island.

Typhoon jets intercept Russian aircraft with support from ‘VIP’ Voyager

Typhoon fighter aircraft have been scrambled to monitor Russian aircraft north of Scotland.

British Typhoon jets scramble to intercept Russian aircraft

Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets based in Lithuania have launched for the fifth time to intercept Russian aircraft off the Baltic coast.

Boeing delivers 2,500th AH-64 Apache Helicopter

Boeing recently delivered its 2,500th AH-64 Apache helicopter, an E-model Apache for the U.S. Army.

NATO RQ-4D Phoenix reaches new milestone

The NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force marked a significant milestone recently in the System Level Performance Verification with the completion of a nine-hour training and test flight conducted for the first time under control of NAGSF trained pilots.

Bell Boeing delivers first CMV-22B to United States Navy

Bell Textron has delivered the first CMV-22B for fleet operations to the U.S. Navy.

Royal Air Force Typhoons join major German Exercise

British Typhoon and Voyager aircraft have taken part in a major German exercise over the North Sea.

HMS Queen Elizabeth deals with ‘Hostile Aircraft’

F-35 jets launched from HMS Queen Elizabeth practiced dogfighting against Typhoons and other F-35s.



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