US stands up first Europe-based F-35A squadron in UK

The new F-35 squadron will consist of 27 aircraft and roughly 60 personnel.

British E-3D Sentry fleet retires

The RAF's E-3 Sentry airborne early warning aircraft fleet has now been retired.

700 F-35 jets have now been built

F-35s are operating from 21 bases around the globe. More than 1,460 pilots and 11,025 maintainers have been trained and the F-35 fleet has surpassed 430,000 cumulative flight hours.

SkyGuardian drone conducting trials over Scotland

An MQ-9B SkyGuardian is over Scotland and is being flown to demonstrate its "capability in a maritime environment".

New P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft arrives in Scotland

Six of nine P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft have now been delivered to the Royal Air Force.

RAF Typhoon declares emergency over Scotland

A Typhoon jet has declared an emergency over the north of Scotland.

Rolls-Royce win $2.6bn contract to re-engine B-52 bombers

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Rolls-Royce a $2.6 billion contract to replace the engines on its B-52H Stratofortress bomber fleet.

Lockheed offer modified A330 MRTT for U.S. tanker project

The Lockheed Martin 'LMXT Strategic Tanker' is a modified version of the Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport, an aircraft known in British service as 'Voyager'.

Protector drones could augment Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft

British MQ-9B drones, known as 'Protector', could be used augment the UK's fleet of P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

A400M transport not certified to transport F-35 engines

The container designed to carry engines for F-35 jets, for example to replace an engine on a deployed F-35, is certified for carriage in the C-17 and C-130J but not the A400M.



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