Typhoon jets dogfight off coast of Scotland

Two Typhoon jets from Lossiemouth were carving up the skies off the coast of Scotland this afternoon.

BAE to enhance GPS tech Typhoon fighter jets

DIGAR will boost the protection of the aircraft from GPS signal jamming, spoofing, and Radio Frequency interference.

Ukraine war boosts revenue at Scottish Gov owned airport

Scottish Government-owned Prestwick Airport has reported a boost in revenue, thanks to increased passenger numbers, a robust partnership with Ryanair, and heightened military use amid the Ukraine conflict.

UK clarifies that flights aren’t ‘supporting’ Israel

After previously claiming that the UK has "provided surveillance support to Israel", a Minister has now said that UK surveillance aircraft are "not flying in support of Israel".

New Protector drone flies in UK airspace for the first time

The Royal Air Force’s newest aircraft has taken its first flight in the UK.

Large ‘Mojave’ drone flies from British aircraft carrier

No drone of this size – capable of carrying four Hellfire missiles – has ever flown from an aircraft carrier outside the US Navy before.

The Russian Bear – A Cold War relic with a new purpose?

The Russian ‘Bear’ strategic bomber was built by the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War with the United States.

British aircraft providing surveillance support to Israel

British military aircraft have been providing surveillance support to Israel and delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.

UK explains nature of military flights into Israel

The UK Defence Journal has observed frequent flights to and from Israel by British military aircraft, here's what they're doing.

Unite the union calls for sustained investment in UK aviation

"The Combat Air sector in the UK is a vital national asset playing a critical role in delivering national security", said Unite the union.



Other News

NATO warships demonstrate interoperability

This exercise was the third iteration of the Neptune Strike series, focusing on the integration of high-end maritime warfare capabilities of carrier strike groups in defence of the Alliance.