Soldiers sacked for their sexuality can now reclaim medals

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he welcomed "the fact that we can now address this historic wrong".

F-35 ‘exemplifies US-UK special relationship’ say Lockheed

Before the F-35 even took its first flight, the UK had signed on as a key partner, having been involved in development activities since at least 1985.

P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft conducts flights over western Scotland

A Royal Air Force P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft is currently off the western coast of Scotland, carrying out vital day to day work that often goes unnoticed.

Norwegian F-35s deploying to Iceland for NATO mission

The Norwegian Air Force is deploying F-35 jets to undertake NATO’s air policing mission in Iceland.

Royal Air Force C-17 declares an emergency in the air

A Royal Air Force C-17 transport aircraft has declared an emergency over Shropshire.

Jets intercept Russian bombers over Atlantic and Black sea

NATO interceptor aircraft responded to Russian military aircraft in international airspace to the North and Southeast of Europe on February the 9th and 10th, say the Alliance.

UK surveillance aircraft operating over Baltic near Russia

British RC-135 and Sentinel surveillance aircraft are currently operating in the Baltic region.

NATO has kept European skies safe for 60 years says Alliance

Under NATO’s coordination and control, members have been safeguarding European skies for 60 years say the Alliance..

New Protector drone to operate from Waddington this summer

SkyGuardian, a pre-production example of the new Protector Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), will operate from the Lincolnshire station in July.

‘Almost a bomber’ – The Nimrod MRA4

Many people aren't aware that the scrapped Nimrod MRA4 was wired up to carry a range of ordnance including Storm Shadow cruise missiles and satellite guided bombs.



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