The British Army and the Media – The Longest War

"We should let our soldiers, sailors and airmen/women speak and have confidence in them", argues Stuart Crawford in his look at at how the British Army and the media communicate.

Expert outlines potential form of an independent Scottish military

Stuart Crawford, who was also a British Army officer, has said the Scottish Government should focus on specialising in certain areas.

The case for a new amphibious assault ship to replace HMS Ocean

The problem? The cost in gold and people makes all this very unlikely.

Who you should be following in the UK defence community

This list is intended to highlight people we believe are worth following to get a wider and informed perspective on UK defence matters.

Aligning new technologies with fresh doctrines

It is generally accepted that rather than prepare for the war you know; one should prepare for the war that is to come.

Grey Zone Deterrence – The key to a more secure future?

Increasingly, hostile states and non-state actors are conducting attacks designed to destabilise Western nations.

Why the benefits of building British go beyond sovereign capability

In this article, Shadow Defence Procurement Minister Stephen Morgan MP tells the UK Defence Journal why he believes the Government needs to reform its procurement process.

Principles guiding British Foreign Policy ‘Progressively Obsolete’, says Rifkind

In this report, James Rogers, the Director of the Global Britain Programme, identifies the fifteen core assumptions that have underpinned British strategic policy and explains why these assumptions are under increasing strain as great power competition takes hold and challenges the dominance of the West.

AI, swarming drones and electric battlefields: Defence Logistics in 2020

Standing still has never been an option for military organisations argues Graham Grose of IFS.

A look at China’s new Type 002 ‘Shandong’ aircraft carrier

The commissioning of China’s first domestically constructed aircraft carrier on the 17th of December 2019 marked a momentous paradigm shift.



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