The Royal Navy’s Future Frigates – An Analysis

In this submission to the UK Defence Journal, Kelvin Curnow takes a look at the Type 26 and Type 31 Frigate programmes.

How the pandemic has accelerated change in the defence sector

The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing organisations across all industries to external forces that they could not have predicted, the global defence industry is no exception.

Defence and security in an independent Scotland

Have you ever wondered how the defence and security landscape would look in an independent Scotland and what the priorities might be? Who better to ask than SNP Defence Spokesman and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Stewart McDonald MP and Cllr Chris McEleny, a former defence worker and a member of the Scottish Shipbuilding and Aerospace Committee for a number of years.

The 2021 Strategic Defence and Security Review in prospect

The upcoming defence review is an opportunity for the current government to signal how 'Global Britain' is to take its place in the world, argues Kelvin Curnow in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Why Britain will need Main Battle Tanks in the Future

In the face of rumours that the UK might scrap its Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks, Harry Bulpit argues that if the British Army wants to remain relevant on the modern battlefield it is crucial that it retains its tanks.

A and B: What are the benefits of the UK operating a mixed F-35...

This opinion piece submitted to the UK Defence Journal by Edward Davies looks at the potential benefits of a mixed UK force of F-35A and F-35B jets.

A Critique of Liberal Democrat Defence Policy

The following is a look at the defence policy outlined in the Liberal Democrat Manifesto.

COVID-19’s economic damage is a problem for British security

The economic impact of COVID-19 is likely to present very serious challenges for the security of the United Kingdom, argues Harry Basnett in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

The British Army and the Media – The Longest War

"We should let our soldiers, sailors and airmen/women speak and have confidence in them", argues Stuart Crawford in his look at at how the British Army and the media communicate.

Expert outlines potential form of an independent Scottish military

Stuart Crawford, who was also a British Army officer, has said the Scottish Government should focus on specialising in certain areas.



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