Exclusive look at HMS Clyde in the Falkland Islands

In an exclusive interview, the captain of HMS Clyde described the purpose the Royal Navy serves to the Falkland Islands.

Britain in Canada – The British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS)

Since the 1970s, Britain has been using the Canadian Prairies as its largest training area.

Protecting the rules-based international order or ‘gunboat diplomacy’?

Why Britain must counter the revisionists.

The race for autonomous cyber defence

The next generations of autonomous military systems will be dependent on who is able to ensure cybersecurity and by when.

Defence analysts Shephard predict boost in armoured vehicle market

The global armoured vehicle market is estimated to increase to $33.3 billion in 2029.

A look at the considered locations for new British military bases overseas

Going 'global' is an exercise of prudence and brings as many questions as it solves, only with a clear strategy will the new bases overseas will bring benefits to Britain’s global objectives.

What’s so good about the F-35 anyway?

It's no secret that the F-35 has had severe cost and schedule issues but as the programme matures, it's shaping up to be a very capable platform.

The Rise of the Drone Swarm

New technology is set to change how we utilise drones on the battlefield.

China to improve military readiness through reform as tensions with the US rise

China’s President, Xi Jinping, has signed a new regulation on the supervision of military training for the People’s Liberation Army.

Global Britain – A New Vision?

Since Prime Minister Theresa May and then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced in 2016 a new Global Britain approach to the United Kingdom's position on the world stage, much speculation has been cast concerning precisely what this approach entails.



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