Britain in the Baltics – 100 years of defence

The Royal Navy are in the Baltic Sea promoting British interests.

Strike Brigades – Back to the Future?

Do strike brigades have a whiff of 'designed by committee'?

Expert outlines form an independent Scottish military could take

Stuart Crawford believes the Scottish Government should focus on specialising in certain areas.

Terrorist radicalisation in the UK is evolving says report

The report looks at processes in terrorist radicalisation

Are we living in the age of relative peace?

Are we living in the age of relative peace? Should we prepare for conventional war?

Britain and nuclear weapons – The Second World War to the 21st century

The UK was the third nation to develop nuclear weapons,

Fact Check: Can the UK be ‘forced into an EU Army’?

The UK has a veto on EU military policy.

The future of UK aerial refuelling needs – Part 2

This article aims to discuss the future of UK aerial refuelling needs.

Government brush off cross-party shipbuilding report recommendations

A cross-party report on the shipbuilding industry appears to have been brushed off by the Government.

The UK and Australia – Adapting a long-standing relationship

Since the end of the Second World War, the two countries have been drifting apart.



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