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What will the Royal Navy’s new Vixen jets look like?

Carrier based 'Vixen' drones are being considered for a range of missions including combat, aerial refuelling and airborne early warning but what might they look like?

A ‘Global‌ ‌Britain’ must ‌be backed with global defence

If the UK wishes to pursue a 'Global Britain' policy it must back it with greater diplomatic and military presence.

The MoD was offered Leopard 2 tanks on lease

With Challenger 3, Stuart Crawford argues that the UK has relegated its self to the role of an off-the-shelf customer.

‘Procure to Secure’ – Shift the defence technology mindset

In this article, Chris Parker MBE, Director Major Accounts at Fortinet UK, explains how the cyber threats faced by UK Defence are already overcome every day by global business using next-generation security technology.

Everyone’s favourite defence podcast now on Spotify

The OSINT Bunker, a defence and security based podcast, is now on Spotify!

The UK tilt to the Indo-Pacific – Is it achievable?

Establishing Britain as the European country with the most prominent presence in the region is an ambitious goal but it is not unachievable.

How many warships are Scottish yards expecting to build?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and myth circulating about how many ships Scottish yards are building.

Is Britain taking the wrong approach to the Baltics?

Would the goals of Britain be best served through the deployment of lighter forces?

The future UK Main Battle Tank fleet

There is good news and bad news for the British Main Battle Tank fleet.

Why Britain is taking the wrong approach to the Baltics.

Since 2016 following on from the NATO Warsaw Summit the British army has continuously deployed an armoured battlegroup to Estonia, known as Operation Cabrit. This is Britain's primary contribution to a wider NATO operation known as the Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP). A multinational force based in NATOs eastern most countries, to act as a conventional deterrent and reassurance from any...



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