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How has shipbuilding in Scotland changed over the last decade?

Even just ten years ago, shipbuilding in Scotland was described as a ‘feast and famine’ industry. Things are very different today.

Open Source Intelligence – It’s time to take it seriously

The Open Source Intelligence community warned Afghanistan would fall but were ignored. Now with Ukraine, it's time to take them seriously.

It’s sink or swim time for the EU on Russia

The EU's disunity and institutional quagmire remains a barrier to a robust response to Russia.

What next for Russia and Ukraine?

What next for Russia and Ukraine? It is now increasingly a matter of 'when' and not 'if' for Ukraine argues Ozer Khalid.

NATO’s influence has weakened – the world is not better for it

The Afghanistan and Ukraine Crisis' show that NATO's influence is rapidly dwindling, and the world is not better for it.

Britain isn’t letting Ukraine fall without a fight

"The United Kingdom will stand up for the right of countries to choose their alliances."

COVID19 – A timely warning on the threat of biological terrorism

COVID-19 has been our wake up call that the UK has no effective defence against biological terrorism.

Did the deliberate weakening of warlords cause Afghanistan’s collapse?

In this submission, Ben Acheson asks whether the weakening of warlords caused Afghanistan's Collapse.

Worried about the vaccine? Speak to a doctor and ignore social media

If you're worried about getting the vaccine because of something you've seen on social media then please speak to a medical professional.

The power of arms – Global Britain’s move to the Middle East

Britain is now in a prime position, with new defence procurement programmes becoming operationalised in the next few years, to deepen strategic partnerships in the Gulf.



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