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The heart of the British Army’s tubed artillery requirement

At the heart of the British Army’s tubed artillery requirement is the absolute need to maximise lethality and survivability argues Maj Gen (Retd) Simon Humphrey CBE.

HMS Diamond and a case study on disinformation

HMS Diamond (Photo credit: Dominic Roe)

A false tweet regarding HMS Diamond being hit by Houthi rockets is the perfect case study in understanding the dynamics of disinformation.

‘Bigger is better’ or ‘small is beautiful’?

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP examines the implications of Scottish independence on national security and international relations, arguing that Scotland could thrive as an independent "normal" state.

Propaganda doesn’t work as well in Belarus as Russia

Ukraine war: why propaganda doesn’t work as well in Belarus as it does in Russia.

The methods of Russian interference in Scottish politics

Russia has been accused of using a range of tactics to interfere in the political process in Scotland, including cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, and attempts to influence public opinion through social media.

Maritime power is undergoing a change

There is an increasing risk that western nations might lose their maritime dominance in the 21st century.

Why Ukraine is excited about downing two Russian aircraft

The loss of the A-50 and Il-22 are significant blows to Russian military capabilities in Ukraine.

A look at AUKUS – The Indo-Pacific quasi-alliance

AUKUS does not aim to function as a 'NATO of the Indo-Pacific', but it is a 'quasi-alliance' argues.

An Independent Scotland in the World

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP explores 'An Independent Scotland in the World,' delving into the proposed foreign and defence strategies for an independent Scotland, emphasising regional collaboration and maritime security.

Would shipbuilding continue in Scotland if it left the UK?

If Scotland became independent, the country would not be able to build warships for the UK.



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