UK ranked top in measurement of diplomatic and cultural clout

A report measuring economic, diplomatic and cultural clout has named the United Kingdom as the worlds top soft power.

NATO’s Two Percent and Burden Sharing

The debate over burden sharing within NATO is about as old as the alliance itself.

American leaders are correct, EU member states must pay up for NATO

"Ultimately, NATO will have to increase its spending, it doesn't have to do so to keep pace with its competitors for it is already ahead, at the minute."

Trident would stay at Faslane ‘for 20 years after Yes vote’ says expert

A defence expert has claimed that an independent Scotland would likely host Trident for 20 years if Scotland left the UK because of a lack of alternative sites.

The future of British shipbuilding, marching towards a steady drumbeat?

Shipbuilding in the UK, depending on who you ask, is either at the cusp of a renaissance or doomed. So we asked someone in the know.

Crisis in the Congo: A new role for NATO’s Southern Hub

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in the DRC has been described by the UN as the 'highest level of emergency', comparable with Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

Ascension Island and Britain’s presence in the South Atlantic

Ascension has a long military history under the Union Flag, being crucial for many military operations since the nineteenth century, including the Royal Navy’s campaign against the slave trade and in the Falklands War.

MoD Annual Report: ‘Protect Our People’ and how this objective is being fulfilled

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently published their Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18, let's take a look.

MoD Annual Report: Achievements and summary

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently published their Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18.

A guide to the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers

The origins of the massive and sometimes controversial Queen Elizabeth class carrier programme lie in the 1998 Strategic Defence Review.



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