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Wagner boss joins long list of those who challenged Putin

Two months after challenging Vladimir Putin’s leadership in an apparent but abortive "mutiny", Prigozhin – the former owner of Wagner Group – has joined a long list of Russians to die in mysterious circumstances.

We’re talking about AI a lot right now

When OpenAI unchained the "beast" that is ChatGPT back in November 2022, the pace of market competition between tech companies involved in AI increased exponentially.

Cyber-attacks reveal threat to democracy

The revelations this month that data on 40 million UK voters had been exposed to hackers came as no surprise to many cybersecurity experts, who have long pointed out the vulnerability of democracies to malicious online interference.

Why the EU mentioning ‘Islas Malvinas’ is a big deal

At a recent summit of European leaders and their counterparts from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the European Union published a declaration in which it referred to the "Islas Malvinas/Falkland Islands".

Why Ukraine getting F-16 jets is important

After months of negotiations, Ukraine will be getting the F-16s it has been begging for – here’s why that’s important.

War recap as Kyiv works to maintain solidarity among allies

Ukraine recap: bridgehead across the Dnipro river a key objective as Kyiv works to maintain solidarity among allies.

Northern Ireland Police Leak – 3 Potential Consequences

The personal details of Northern Ireland’s main police force have been leaked – three reasons why that’s incredibly dangerous.

Ukraine war – Drones are changing the conflict

As Kyiv’s counteroffensive to liberate Russian-occupied territories slowly advances in Ukraine’s east, the drone war continues to escalate.

Ex-MP threatens journalist investigating pro-Russia tweets

An investigation into ex-MP Matthew Gordon-Banks' numerous claims surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in apparent threats directed at UK Defence Journal's Editor, George Allison, in the course of uncovering the truth.

Putin’s many paradoxes

Putin's decision to leave the UN-brokered grain export arrangement is another indicator of the value that the Kremlin places on human life.



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