Continuing growth expected in global defence market say analysts

As 2018 turned to 2019, growth in the global defense environment moderated slightly, according to a new white paper from Forecast International.

Soleimani helped turn Iran into one of the most effective proponents of remote warfare;...

Soleimani helped turn Iran into one of the most effective proponents of remote warfare; his impact lives on.

Three days in Tallinn – how Estonia does Cyber defence

From the moment Estonia joined NATO in 2004, it was warning that the alliance was not prepared to counter emerging threats from cyber warfare. According to officials in Tallinn, these warnings were repeatedly ignored.

Principles guiding British Foreign Policy ‘Progressively Obsolete’, says Rifkind

In this report, James Rogers, the Director of the Global Britain Programme, identifies the fifteen core assumptions that have underpinned British strategic policy and explains why these assumptions are under increasing strain as great power competition takes hold and challenges the dominance of the West.

1917 – A film review

1917 depicts the horrors of trench warfare of the First World War with raw tension, terror and urgency.

AI, swarming drones and electric battlefields: Defence Logistics in 2020

Standing still has never been an option for military organisations argues Graham Grose of IFS.

The UK and New Zealand – A special relationship for the 21st century

New Zealand is one of UK's most important partners.   The two nations have fought side by side through many conflicts, especially the World Wars....

Rising tensions boost military spend on Electronic Warfare equipment

Evolving threat landscapes and impending modernisation of military aircraft will sustain demand for new, improved EW systems.

Transition to Civvy Street in Scotland: A Better Way Forward

A recent, and friendly, email exchange with Scottish Veterans’ Commissioner Charlie Wallace in which I queried some aspects of his last blog of 2019...

A look at China’s new Type 002 ‘Shandong’ aircraft carrier

The commissioning of China’s first domestically constructed aircraft carrier on the 17th of December 2019 marked a momentous paradigm shift.



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