IISS Report: Three defence companies each spent more on defence R&D than all but two European countries

A report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies warns that all but two countries in Europe, the UK and France, are outspent by BAE, Lockheed Martin and Boeing when it comes to military research and development. 

Contract or Command: An analysis of outsourcing in defence

An assessment of the risks and benefits associated with the Ministry of Defence's orientation to outsource the delivery of services.

The Australian Frigate Competition: Getting the right ship for the right deal

By mid-year the Australian government is expected to have picked a derivative of BAE’s Type 26 (designated GCS-A), Navantia’s F100 (F5000) or Fincantieri's FREMM to be the Royal Australian Navy’s future frigate under project SEA5000.

Study ranks Britain ‘second most powerful country in the world’

New research by a geopolitical think-tank makes the case that Britain is second only to the United States as a global power.

A competitive strategy to counter Russia

The world has entered a new era of great power competition.

Disinformation is a weapon we should be aware of – not fall for

There has been quite a bit of coverage of defence issues in the media recently, ranging from the US/UK/France missile strikes on Syria via the Israeli-Iranian exchange of fire over the Golan Heights to the appearance of new and innovative military equipment at Russia’s annual May Day parade in Moscow.

Argentina has now ceased to be a capable military power

After a significant period of decline, Argentina has ceased to be a capable military force.

Are drones as dangerous as claimed?

Protestors recently staged a demonstration outside RAF Waddington, angry at the use of remotely piloted aircraft - but why?

Scottish politician continues to foster outrage over ships that can’t be built on the Clyde, not being built on the Clyde

Despite multiple corrections, explanations and pointers, some politicians in Scotland are astonishingly stoking outrage over ships that the Clyde can't build, not being built by the Clyde.

The Government must stop twisting the numbers – it’s time to properly fund the British Armed Forces

Through almost four hundred years of service, the British Armed Services have proven their outstanding merit time and time again. Whether intervening against genocide in the Balkans, breaking the seemingly invincible powers of Napoleon or Hitler, or defending British sovereignty in the Falklands.



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