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Russia’s Baltic neighbours to create massive border defences

Russia’s Baltic neighbours to create massive border defences as Trump continues undermining NATO.

Islamic State attack in Moscow risks escalating the Ukraine war

There is still much that is unknown about the attack. One can, however, draw out some of the potential consequences.

Leadership in defence should put country before Party


It should be Britain's plan to defend our country better, not just Labour’s argues Shadow Secretary of State for Defence John Healey MP in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

US built Gaza pier risks attack warns analyst

Don’t underestimate the level of resistance faced from the usual suspects argues Lt Col Stuart Crawford.

Russian grip on Crimea looks shaky

It is ten years since Russia illegally annexed Crimea. Efforts to firmly integrate the peninsula into Russia, however, have not gone well.

How Haiti became a failed state

Rival gangs have joined forces to overrun the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, in an attempt to force the resignation of the acting president, Ariel Henry.

And the election winner will be… Vladimir Putin

Anyone else who might be a focus for opposition is either in jail, dead or exiled.

A US with fewer allies threatens global security

The modern US-led global order is in many ways a modern iteration of something developed by Great Britain at the beginning of the 19th century.

Russian soldiers’ wives increasingly outspoken in opposition

Russian soldiers' wives who have have emerged as one of the few sources of open criticism of the state's handling of Russia's war in Ukraine.

An independent Scotland, NATO & nukes – The problem

The position of the Scottish Government regarding Faslane could make joining NATO very difficult, if not impossible.



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