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Social media fakes are rampant, news verification is vital

It is clear that numerous videos, social media posts and images purportedly about the Israel–Hamas conflict are deliberately misleading.

Russian losses mount in Ukraine

Ukraine: Russia’s losses mount – but self-sacrifice in war is part of the country’s mythology.

UK passes online safety law that could make people less safe

Critics say it will allow authorities in the UK to compel service providers to break users’ encryption.

Why the Black Sea is key to Kyiv’s counteroffensive

Opening a new front in Crimea is also likely to oblige Moscow to redeploy assets away from the frontline.

How longer range missiles would change Ukraine conflict

Noises from Washington indicate that US President Joe Biden may be about to overcome his reluctance to supply Ukraine with the longer-range missiles it desperately needs.

Will Ukraine break through before the mud?

Ukraine’s counter-offensive has been ongoing for over three months now as it seeks the elusive breakthrough of the Russian defence lines.

The UK promised drones for Ukraine in May, where are they?

The UK government has not made good on its commitment to provide Ukraine with 'attack drones' and should re-prioritise delivering them in a timely manner.

Global Britain – Where are we in 2023?

The 'Global Britain' vision faces challenges from rising global tensions, necessitating urgent reassessments in naval and air power strategies to maintain its intended global influence.

How innovation is key to modern warfare

Recent use of low-cost cardboard drones by Ukraine, supplied by Australia, to attack targets in Russia is an interesting development.

What Prigozhin’s death means for stability in Africa

Prigozhin’s death is unlikely to significantly affect the Wagner Groups’s African operations.



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