Why do British jets ‘protect’ Irish airspace?

Ireland lacks aircraft that can climb high enough or go fast enough to intercept Russian aircraft.

Why does the RAF intercept aircraft outside sovereign UK airspace?

Protecting UK airspace is the RAF’s most important role and one of the reasons it was formed in 1918.

Iceland and NATO – The Reluctant North?

At 3:40am, an Icelandic policeman saw a fleet of warships approaching the harbour. The British invasion had started.

What are Norwegian F-35s doing in Iceland?

The Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35 detachment conducting NATO's air mission in Iceland presented their activities to the media at Keflavik Air Base last week.

Who you should be following in the UK defence community

This list is intended to highlight people we believe are worth following to get a wider and informed perspective on UK defence matters.

Military Struggles with Social Media – An analysis

The military is struggling to adapt to the comparatively recent proliferation of social media.

Aligning new technologies with fresh doctrines

It is generally accepted that rather than prepare for the war you know; one should prepare for the war that is to come.

Grey Zone Deterrence – The key to a more secure future?

Increasingly, hostile states and non-state actors are conducting attacks designed to destabilise Western nations.

Why the benefits of building British go beyond sovereign capability

In this article, Shadow Defence Procurement Minister Stephen Morgan MP tells the UK Defence Journal why he believes the Government needs to reform its procurement process.

Expert outlines potential form of an independent Scottish military

Stuart Crawford, who was also a British Army officer, has said the Scottish Government should focus on specialising in certain areas.



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