China and the next Space Race

In 2003, China sent its first astronauts into orbit around the earth. The space race is on again.

UK should establish military presence in South China Sea says report

The UK should pursue a "Pacific dimension" for the Royal Navy with a permanent facility in the Indo-Pacific region in order to "deter foreign powers from undertaking aggression" in the South China Sea, according to a new report.

Is increased UK-Japan defence cooperation leading to a new strategic alliance?

At a time of reduced certainty surrounding the security of both the UK and in particular Japan, it is towards new bilateral relations which these two island states look in order to maximise their respective geocapabilities.

An Armed Forces Federation – Representation for the UK Services?

The question of whether the British armed forces should have some sort of statutory and official representative body, somewhat akin to the Police Federation, comes up regularly in debate on military matters.

Paradise in Debt – China and ‘debt trap diplomacy’

Fiji for most is a tropical paradise where the water is warm and the weather is always idyllic but Fiji, like some of its Pacific Island neighbours, is sitting on a debt crisis that could have significant geopolitical impact for generations to come. 

Queen Elizabeth class carriers – A symbol of military power

Aircraft carriers are a symbol of national status, the technical capability required to build them and the resources required to operate them globally aren't reachable for most nations.

Gibraltar and Britain – Guarding the western entrance to the Mediterranean

Gibraltar came under British rule during the War of the Spanish Succession, after many attempts to retake the rock were made, it remained the only British stronghold on mainland Europe.

Why is British Army recruiting in such a bad state?

The new British Army recruiting campaign advertisements have caused a bit of a kerfuffle. 

The MDP Report – Progress, but important questions remain

It would be accurate to say that December’s publication of the UK's Modernising Defence Programme paper – or 'Mobilising, Modernising and Transforming Defence: A Report on the MDP', to give it its full title – did not live up to the expectations raised when it was first announced in January 2018.

A look at British ships in the Brazilian fleet

The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil's navy is one more British hull that is going to serve under the Brazilian flag, joining her sisters that are already part of that naval force.



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