How many warships are Scottish yards expecting to build?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and myth circulating about how many ships Scottish yards are building.

An Armed Forces Federation – Representation for the UK Services?

The question of whether the British armed forces should have some sort of statutory and official representative body, somewhat akin to the Police Federation, comes up regularly in debate on military matters.

Fortress Bermuda – Four centuries guarding Britain’s interests overseas

In 1995, when Britain closed its last naval facility on the islands, Bermuda had given almost four centuries of ceaseless contributions to British interests.

A guide to the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers

The origins of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers lie in the 1998 Defence Review.

How British is the F-35?

The F-35 features a significant chunk of British built components, with up to 10-15% of every jet sold being built in Britain.

The F-35 – A guide to the jet that is flying from HMS Queen...

The F-35 programme has gone through serious teething problems, problems also experienced by the majority of complex aircraft flying today such as the F-15, Typhoon or any other modern combat jet.

A Return East of Suez – A case study of British Foreign Policy

It was a demanding yet successful summer for British defence, and for the Royal Navy in particular.

Could the B-52 bomber fly for 100 years?

The B-52 Bomber is one of the most durable bomber designs from the Cold War and is still being used to this day.

BALTIC PROTECTOR – British Defence in the Baltics

Solidified with Operation BALTIC PROTECTOR this summer, the UK has underscored its continued presence in this increasingly strategic region.

The Type 31e Frigate – A guide to the Royal Navy’s future warship

The Type 31e Frigate is expected to sit at 5,700 tonnes and 138.7 metres in length.



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