A close look at homegrown terrorism and the Prevent Strategy

An analysis of how homegrown terrorism has become one of the biggest threats of the modern era, and the effectiveness of the Prevent strategy

Arrowhead 140 or Leander – Which would be the best Type 31e Frigate?

Two strong contenders for the Type 31e Frigate programme have emerged, let's take a closer look at the offerings.

Why the F-35 is an asset for the UK in coalition warfare


This year, the UK's first F-35 squadron will declare initial operational capability. It's no secret that British forces wouldn't have been able to reach that goal without their partnership with the US Marine Corps. In order to train to meet operational requirements, a decision was made many years ago to integrate the training of the USMC and RAF together. About...

Mail on Sunday incorrectly claims that F-35Bs will land on HMS Queen Elizabeth for Trump state visit

What's the problem? The F-35B is not yet cleared to land on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Why are the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarines based on the Clyde in Scotland?

The reason for Faslane, officially known as HMNB Clyde, hosting the UK’s nuclear submarines is often the subject of conspiracy theories, but what is the reality?

Is a British satellite navigation system a good idea?

The UK's threat to establish an alternative to the Galileo satellite system is a clever Brexit bargaining position - but should be no more than than that.

The Black Sea region: a critical intersection

What is happening in and around the Black Sea and how does it affect NATO?

Fighter aircraft market worth $249 Billion over next 10 years say analysts

In its new study 'The Market for Fighter Aircraft,' Forecast International projects that a total of 3,243 fighter aircraft will be produced from 2018 through 2027.

Royal Navy: A return to the Far East?

In a blog post in the House of Commons Library blog by Louisa Brooke-Holland looks at Royal Navy warship movements in the Far East.

Why does HMS Queen Elizabeth have two islands?

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship are attracting a lot of attention and one of the most common questions is, why does she have two islands? Instead of a traditional single island, the carrier has two smaller islands. The forward island is for ship control functions and the aft (FLYCO) island is for flying control. The reason for two islands...



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