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Professor John Bryson is Chair in Enterprise and Economic Geography at Birmingham Business School. John's research is motivated by a desire to understand and explain the complex ways in which production is organized through space and in place and via a variety of forms of enterprise.

Putin’s many paradoxes

Putin's decision to leave the UN-brokered grain export arrangement is another indicator of the value that the Kremlin places on human life.

The on-going erosion of Russian statehood

"Putin’s leadership continues to erode Russia’s economic and military security. His actions do nothing to enhance the welfare of Russian citizens. Under Putin, Russia is best described as an increasingly disorganised irrational fiefdom."

The ongoing erosion of Russian statehood

Once the institutions of a state are no longer respected by its citizens, and by other countries, then that state ceases to be viable.

Kamikaze drones and Putin’s unjust war

The Russian war has entered a new phase based on the indiscriminate targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure. The use of kamikaze drones is akin Hitler’s deployment of the V-1 flying bombs during World War II.