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OSINTtechnical is a defence open source intelligence analyst and a student at the University of South Carolina studying political science. He has also studied the Arab-Israeli conflict at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He currently hosts ‘The Osint Bunker‘ podcast, a popular production focusing on global events.

Classified specs leaked on War Thunder forum for third time

In the third major leak of classified details relating to the game, images posted on the forum show a Chinese DTC10-125 tungsten armour penetrating round and a technical document describing the specifications of the projectile.

A Polish airport that became the world’s link to Ukraine

One of our team members decided to visit Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport, a Polish airport that became the world’s link to Ukraine with flights from around the world landing there to unload supplies for the embattled country.

Russian amphibious assault flotilla to transit English Channel

The Russian amphibious assault flotilla is heading towards the English Channel and is expected to head for the Black Sea amid mounting tensions with Ukraine.