F-35B gun crew successfully undertakes shipboard hot reload on USS Wasp

F-35B Lightning aircraft executed the first shipboard hot reload of ordnance.

HMS Medway monitors Russian cruiser in English Channel

HMS Medway, on her first operational mission, was dispatched to monitor the Marshal Ustinov.

UK and Norway work together on joint North Atlantic anti-sub operations

The UK and Norway have reinforced their commitment to joint anti-submarine operations.

Royal Navy takes command of Combined Task Force 150

An Anglo-French team now leads Combined Task Force 150, say the Royal Navy.

HMS Echo returns home

HMS Echo has returned to the United Kingdom after a 668 day deployment.

Turkish military pension fund to buy British Steel

Turkey's military pension fund owner, OYAK, will take over British Steel.

NATO warships heading US and Canada for Exercise Maritime Express

Standing NATO Maritime Group One forces are in route to United States and Canada.

Typhoon jets destroy a Daesh weapons stockpile

Typhoon jets have destroyed a Daesh weapons stockpile in the deserts of western Iraq.

2 PARA preparing for deployment to Afghanistan

2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) is deploying to the Afghan capital Kabul from late September.

British firm Meggitt wins US orders for F-35 and F/A-18 components

Meggitt has announced two deals with an aggregated value of $85 million.