Bad Defence Tweets 2 – ‘No ships being built in Scotland?’

The second video in the 'Bad Defence Tweets' series looks at the claim that no ships are being built in Scotland.

RAF C-130J declares emergency over Scotland

A Royal Air Force C-130J Hercules has declared an emergency over Scotland.

British flagship ‘getting sea legs back’

HMS Queen Elizabeth's crew are 'getting their sea legs back' after a Capability Insertion Period alongside in Portsmouth. What’s next for HMS Queen Elizabeth? The Ministry...

F-35B lands on Italian carrier for the first time

The flagship of the Italian Navy is testing the F-35B in different conditions.

Babcock awarded new MoD tactical communication contract

Babcock International has secured a five year £150 million Logistic Support Contract from the Ministry of Defence.

Thales UK WIN £98m air defence missile contract

The contract confirms a five-year extension to the project, sustaining over one hundred jobs at Thales UK’s Belfast site.

The Falkland Islands Defence Force – The oldest land unit of the British Overseas...

The Falkland Islands Defence Force has expanded the scope of its military training and readiness.

‘Significant proportion’ of support ships must be UK built

The new Fleet Solid Support Ships will see "a significant proportion" of their build carried out in the UK.

C-17 retirement date ‘subject to the Integrated Review’

The retirement of the C-17 transport aircraft could be brought forward, or extended, as part of the Integrated Review.

Loyal Wingman drone completes first flight

The 'Loyal Wingman' aircraft will fly into combat using their capabilities to augment crewed aircraft.