BMT to offer the Caimen 90 for Australian Land 8710 project

The Caimen 90 is being offered to Australia by BMT.

HMS Sutherland conducts night firing at Cape Wrath range

HMS Sutherland illuminated the range with a para illum star shell.

Qantas 747 to become Rolls-Royce flying testbed

A Qantas passenger aircraft retired from commercial service this weekend to begin life as a Rolls-Royce flying testbed.

Global C-130J fleet surpasses 2 million flight hours

C-130J Super Hercules operators recently surpassed 2 million flight hours.

How many warships are Scottish yards expecting to build?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and myth circulating about how many ships Scottish yards are building.

British troops take part in Exercise Halberd Dawn

The British Army say that over 300 soldiers from have been testing their medical, logistical and soldiering skills.

Saab and Boeing test ground-launched Small Diameter Bomb

Saab and Boeing say they have conducted a successful long-range test firing of the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) in Norway.

Sikorsky show off ‘Raider-X’ light attack helicopter

Sikorsky has introduced RAIDER X, its concept for a coaxial helicopter specifically designed as a Light-Attack Reconnaissance Helicopter.

Falkland Islands oil companies warned by Argentine Government

Recent announcements regarding Falkland Islands oil triggered a reaction from the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

Global 5000 jets tentatively planned to replace BAE 146

It is hoped that Royal Squadron aircraft will be replaced by Global 5000 series business jets.