RAF Gibraltar in £8 million runway resurfacing

Flights in and out of RAF Gibraltar has been secured for the next 20 years.

Russian aircraft shadowing German jets over Syria

The Russian air force has been shadowing German jets over Syria, according regional daily newspaper Rheinische Post.

NATO Deploys E-3 Sentry AWACS Aircraft to Turkey

Above: An E-3 Sentry, or AWACS aircraft, shows off its distinctive radar disk A system that has already proved its worth in Middle Eastern...

F-35 fleet clocks up 50,000 flying hours

"The next 50,000 hours will be achieved much quicker as we double the size of the F-35 fleet worldwide in the next three years alone."

MBDA delivers ASRAAM for UK F-35 integration

MBDA has started deliveries of the Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) for the forthcoming integration onto the UK’s F-35B.

WATCH: RAF Tornado jet strikes Islamic State

A Tornado flight used Brimstone missiles to attack a number of mobile cranes.

RAF step up air campaign against Islamic State

On Friday, Tornado, Typhoon and Reaper combat aircraft from RAF Akrotiri, launched a large scale assault on Islamic State Supported by a Voyager tanker the aircraft...

UK invests £1.1 billion in military flying training

£1.1 billion is to be invested to continue the modernisation of military flying training in the UK. The new 'Fixed Wing flying training system' is set...

Britain to purchase high altitude surveillance aircraft

Britain is to purchase two solar powered Zephyr 8 unmanned surveillance aircraft from Airbus. Zephyr is unique aircraft that offers a satellite like capability to provide...

RAF pilot lands jet despite loss of eyesight

An RAF pilot was guided into landing his jet by a colleague in another aircraft after suffering a loss of vision it has been reported.



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