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Remote warfare increasingly strategy of choice for non-state actors

The drone landscape has unquestionably altered over recent years.

Shaping Britain’s Space Programme: A Renewed Focus

There needs to be a fundamental requirement for the UK to develop a coherent and succinct space programme.

The race for autonomous cyber defence

The next generations of autonomous military systems will be dependent on who is able to ensure cybersecurity and by when.

British troops deploy to Egypt

A contingent of British Army personnel have deployed to Egypt.

The Rise of the Drone Swarm

New technology is set to change how we utilise drones on the battlefield.

China to improve military readiness through reform as tensions with the...

China’s President, Xi Jinping, has signed a new regulation on the supervision of military training for the People’s Liberation Army.

Global Britain – A New Vision?

Since Prime Minister Theresa May and then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced in 2016 a new Global Britain approach to the United Kingdom's position on the world stage, much speculation has been cast concerning precisely what this approach entails.

Skynet 6: Private sector innovation ‘critical’ to meeting UK defence SATCOM...

Skynet 5, one of the most successful private finance initiative (PFI) investments made by the UK government, will end in 2022.

Is increased UK-Japan defence cooperation leading to a new strategic alliance?

At a time of reduced certainty surrounding the security of both the UK and in particular Japan, it is towards new bilateral relations which these two island states look in order to maximise their respective geocapabilities.

Why is British Army recruiting in such a bad state?

The new British Army recruiting campaign advertisements have caused a bit of a kerfuffle.