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The War on Terror – Back to square one after 20 years?

Be under no illusion, the threat to Europe and the US is returning.

NATO needs a China strategy

In December 2019, "NATO appered to awaken to its own obituary" argues James Smith int his submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Afghanistan – What the withdrawal means for the world

Choices made in Afghanistan mean any chance of the 'War on Terror' coming to a end in the next 20 years is now gone argues DefenceGeek in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

New MTP barracks shirt to be issued to British Army

As of the 23rd August 2021, a new MTP Barrack shirt will be offered to troops with a slimmer profile and in a wider range of sizes.

Forces from several African nations arrive in Mozambique

Over the past few weeks, military forces from several nations have started to arrive in Mozambique reports @air_intel.

Right versus might in the South China Sea

The UK sent an aircraft carrier strike group through South China Sea to show solidarity with smaller states in the region struggling to assert their rights against China's might, argues Bill Hayton in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

A ‘Global‌ ‌Britain’ must ‌be backed with global defence

If the UK wishes to pursue a 'Global Britain' policy it must back it with greater diplomatic and military presence.

‘Procure to Secure’ – Shift the defence technology mindset

In this article, Chris Parker MBE, Director Major Accounts at Fortinet UK, explains how the cyber threats faced by UK Defence are already overcome every day by global business using next-generation security technology.

The future of the Royal Navy – An analysis

The Royal Navy's future looks bright, but let’s not count the chickens just yet…

Is Britain taking the wrong approach to the Baltics?

Would the goals of Britain be best served through the deployment of lighter forces?