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Hard Power, Soft Power: Sustaining British influence in a changing global...

With Brexit on the horizon, growing Chinese influence and a resurgent Russia, this article aims to outline why an increase in defence spending is critical to the UK’s interests.

Scottish independence and defence – A look at the numbers

Since the publication of the SNP's 'Growth Commission' report, many commentators have discussed the assertions, recommendations and inconsistencies in the 354-page document.

General Mark Carleton-Smith discusses Russia, AI, and developing capability

The British Army's new Chief of the General Staff, General Mark Carleton-Smith, addressed the audience at RUSI today in his first public keynote. In it, he stated plainly that the world has "never been more unpredictable".

British Army to develop EMP capability as part of on-going development

Major General Chris Tickell has discussed the future of electromagnetic pulse warfare in the British Army.

HMS Talent readies to rejoin fleet

HMS Talent, one of the Royal Navy's Trafalgar class submarines, has begun training after an extensive refit in Devonport.

Is a British satellite navigation system a good idea?

The UK's threat to establish an alternative to the Galileo satellite system is a clever Brexit bargaining position - but should be no more than than that.

The Black Sea region: a critical intersection

What is happening in and around the Black Sea and how does it affect NATO?

Royal Navy: A return to the Far East?

In a blog post in the House of Commons Library blog by Louisa Brooke-Holland looks at Royal Navy warship movements in the Far East.

Contract or Command: An analysis of outsourcing in defence

An assessment of the risks and benefits associated with the Ministry of Defence's orientation to outsource the delivery of services.

The Australian Frigate Competition: Getting the right ship for the right...

By mid-year the Australian government is expected to have picked a derivative of BAE’s Type 26 (designated GCS-A), Navantia’s F100 (F5000) or Fincantieri's FREMM to be the Royal Australian Navy’s future frigate under project SEA5000.