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Empowering innovators to counter tomorrow’s UUV threats

Navies face a constant battle to stay on the front foot in protecting people and assets argues by Simon Goldsworthy from Wavefront Systems.

The Armed Forces Covenant at King Edward VII’s Hospital

The sacrifice all service personnel make for their country must entitle them to the highest possible quality of medical care, both during and after their service. 

U.S ponders ‘Adaptive Technology Engines’ as F-35 retrofit

Adaptive technology engines for the F-35 promise great performance but come with technology, financial and interoperability risks.

Combining commercial space with national security needs

It is in orbit, long the domain of three-letter agencies with multi-billion budgets, that the real intelligence revolution has started.

Why has Russia lost so many Ka-52s in Ukraine?

Over 15 Ka-52 attack helicopters have been lost in action to Ukrainian Air Defence, equating to 12% of their overall fleet.

AW149 – best choice for Britain’s next Medium Helicopter?

Is there a strong case for the UK selecting the AW149 as the 'New Medium Helicopter'?

Six reasons why Ukraine is winning the war against Russia

Ukraine is fighting a 21st-century war against a 20th century Russian Army.

Sanctions and Russia – How effective are they?

Nobody is expecting a perfect Russia, or even a perfect world. But an improved world will come from a changed Russia.

The need for new international treaties on undersea cables

Above our heads and beneath the waves - the need for new international treaties.

It’s sink or swim time for the EU on Russia

The EU's disunity and institutional quagmire remains a barrier to a robust response to Russia.