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AI, swarming drones and electric battlefields: Defence Logistics in 2020

Standing still has never been an option for military organisations argues Graham Grose of IFS.

Transition to Civvy Street in Scotland: A Better Way Forward

A recent, and friendly, email exchange with Scottish Veterans’ Commissioner Charlie Wallace in which I queried some aspects of his last blog of 2019...

A look at China’s new Type 002 ‘Shandong’ aircraft carrier

The commissioning of China’s first domestically constructed aircraft carrier on the 17th of December 2019 marked a momentous paradigm shift.

Electric Battlefields – Powering a new generation of logistics support

Electric initiatives have increased in civilian life but few have yet to carry over into the battlefield. Unsurprising? Unrealistic? or inevitable?

Can a world-class blue water navy be ‘Green’?

The answer should not lead to an argument over what is more important, a powerful navy or a thriving environment. 

Battleship Green – can a world-class blue-water navy be green?

With an increased focus on tackling climate change in recent years, is it possible for a world-class blue-water navy to be green?

The Royal Air Force in 2019

2018 was a big year for the RAF, marking the 100th anniversary of its formation, but in many ways 2019 has been even more significant.

Improving the Type 45 Destroyer

At the launch of the first Type 45 Destroyer, the then First Sea Lord Admiral declared that she would be the world's best air-defence ship.

On eve of London NATO Summit, British troops return from Lithuania...

As NATO officials prepare to arrive in London, British troops returned home after a successful training mission in the Lithuanian forests.

A look at where the Parties stand on Trident

A look at the different parties thoughts on defence policy, particularly their thoughts on Trident via their respective election manifestos.