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Hamas ‘can’t be destroyed’ says IDF

The IDF will now switch to conducting raids, this will mean keeping two divisions in Gaza.

Is Putin drawing inspiration from Stalin? Probably not

More likely, these military purges are just another example of Putin’s autocratic rule and consolidation of power and not a replay of the past.

Kyiv rejects ceasefire plan but global deals offer hope

The multiple security agreements that Ukraine has signed over the past few months also make an alternative future conceivable.

NATO summit will need to tackle Russian sabotage

NATO's Washington summit will need to tackle Russian sabotage and myriad security threats.

Zelensky says ‘no’ to Hungary ceasefire proposal

Ukraine’s troops remain frustrated at delays in getting fresh supplies of arms and ammunition, according to reports from the frontline.

UK ‘has to demonstrate’ intent to restore forces to America

Starmer will be aiming to demonstrate the usefulness of the UK in the US-UK alliance.

How the British defeated Napoleon with citrus fruit

Without citrus, the years of blockades of French ports by the Royal Navy would not have been practical.

Beijing walking fine line between Russia and the west

Beijing is walking a fine line between support for Russia and not angering the west too much.

Should Ukraine attack Russian territory with western weapons?

It could force Moscow to pull Russian air defence and strike aircraft away from the frontlines to defend critical infrastructure.

Putin celebrates with nuclear threats to UK and France

Ukraine recap: Putin celebrates Victory Day with nuclear threats to UK and France