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A Return East of Suez – A case study of British...

It was a demanding yet successful summer for British defence, and for the Royal Navy in particular.

BALTIC PROTECTOR – British Defence in the Baltics

Solidified with Operation BALTIC PROTECTOR this summer, the UK has underscored its continued presence in this increasingly strategic region.

Arnhem: Ten Days in the Cauldron – The Review

There have been many accounts written on the Battle of Arnhem, let's take a closer look at this one.

Boris Johnson must scrap withdrawal agreement for the sake of UK...

Boris Johnson must scrap withdrawal agreement for the sake of UK defence argues Rob Clark.

Wartime Operations – Employing the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers

The months of June and July 2019 witnessed four significant events which are a portent for the future of UK carrier aviation.

Future-proofing A&D manufacturing for Industry 4.0

A checklist for manufacturers to ensure they take advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0.

Islay’s Secret Wartime Visitors

Islay is the furthest south of the islands off the west coast of Scotland.

Serve to Lead – Sandhurst and its tradition of leadership

How is it that the Sandhurst motto 'Serve to Lead' is so evidently concrete and indestructible?

Global Britain needs reliable allies

It is vital that we pick our allies carefully, especially when it comes to unstable regions. 

138 UK F-35 Lightnings, do we still need them? – A...

138 F-35s over the "life of the programme", do we need that many and how long is that?