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Lisa has a degree in Media & Communication from Glasgow Caledonian University and works with industry news, sifting through press releases in addition to moderating website comments.

Thales UK to support AERALIS with Advanced Modular Aircraft

Thales UK will support AERALIS in the development of training & simulation for an 'Advanced Modular Aircraft'.

WFEL now sole bidder for British Army TYRO project

UK military bridge designer and manufacturer WFEL is now the sole bidder for the British Army's TYRO project.

BAE starts production of electronic warfare system for F-15s

BAE has received a $58m contract to start production of the F-15 Eagle 'Passive Active Warning and Survivability System' for the U.S. Air Force.

Destroyer training before joining Carrier Strike Group

HMS Defender recently departed Portsmouth for intensive training to prepare for HMS Queen Elizabeth's 'Carrier Strike Group 21' deployment.

The F-35A Drag Chute System – How it Works

Using a parachute to safely bring cargo or personnel to the ground is one thing. Using one to bring a stealthy fighter jet to a halt is another.

USS Winston S. Churchill seizes weapons off Somalia

The cache of weapons consisted of thousands of AK-47 assault rifles, light machine guns, heavy sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Thales, Airbus to upgrade French electronic warfare systems

The tactical SIGINT programme will upgrade the electronic warfare capabilities of front-line units.

Airbus primes Future Combat Air System in Spain

Spanish industry has signed the initial framework contract of the Future Combat Air System demonstrator phase.

New UK satellite propulsion test facility to open

The new centre will allow UK companies and academics to fire up and test engines at up to 1.5kN in high-altitude vacuum, an equivalent test altitude of 140,000ft.

NATO has kept European skies safe for 60 years says Alliance

Under NATO’s coordination and control, members have been safeguarding European skies for 60 years say the Alliance..