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Lisa has a degree in Media & Communication from Glasgow Caledonian University and works with industry news, sifting through press releases in addition to moderating website comments.

Secretary General ‘NATO safeguards in an unpredictable world’

"Our adversaries challenge us using bombs and aircraft, but also bots and algorithms", NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

NATO Secretary General ‘NATO must remain fit to face any challenge

The Secretary General urged allies to continue to increase defence spending to cope with global challenges such as Russia’s aggressive actions, terrorism and China’s rise.

BAE lands $77m contract for US amphibious vehicle support

BAE Systems has received a $77.5m contract to perform interim support work on amphibious combat vehicles for the U.S. Marine Corps.

NATO warships and aircraft patrol Black Sea

American warships and Spanish combat aircraft are active in the region.

Defence firm create new ventilator

A new negative pressure ventilation assistance device has been developed by the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group.

Massive European missile defence exercise takes place

STAR-21 is the principal missile defence exercise of the year for NATO, showcasing the fusion of sensors, weapon systems, and operators’ abilities to meet current and future threats to the Alliance.

American Carrier Strike Group conducts exercise with Japan

This is the first bilateral exercise between the U.S. and Japan of 2021.

NATO Secretary General ‘2021 will be a pivotal year’

"So we need to stand together, North America and Europe, and I really count on Germany in playing a key role in these efforts."

Britain and UN sign space sustainability agreement

It is hoped that the agreement will help nations ensure that "outer space remains safe and sustainable for future generations".

Military deploy to Scotland to assist COVID vaccine rollout

British troops will help to administer the vaccine in Scotland in order to support a faster rollout.