Scientists from Dstl are working to support a whole host of government agencies and civilian authorities.

Recently, Dstl say their their experts were called on by the MoD’s Standing Joint Command (SJC) to provide short notice analytical support to the Dover crisis between Christmas and New Year, by helping the military and the police clear the backlog of heavy goods vehicles and their drivers.

Dstl provided information to aid effective queuing and Covid-19 testing strategies which enabled a rapid return to normality.

“As the current vaccine is rolled out, a number of scientists and technicians have been building data science and computing models for the NHS England IT system to tackle a range of vaccine related challenges, from vaccine population estimation to vaccine phasing and regional planning tools.”

Dstl’s Dr Kit Waterman, said:

“It has been a privilege to contribute to one of the nation’s largest logistical feats at this critical time. Modelling the phasing and delivery of the vaccine has proved an intellectually challenging and rewarding experience, and the opportunity to work with colleagues from across Dstl has really brought home the versatility and quality of skills developed through the delivery of science and technology support to UK defence.”

180 defence scientists are currently working on multiple assignments, with more than 300 scientists in total who have worked on hundreds of Covid support areas.

These include supporting the safety guidance for military personnel, ensuring supply chains for military equipment can operate, through to providing scientific support to a number of agencies, including the NHS, Public Health England, the Department for Health and Social Care, as well as the Government Office for Science (GO-Science) and the Joint Biosecurity Centre.

Dstl’s Chief Executive Gary Aitkenhead said:

“Our people are carrying out some outstanding work, including helping to make sure that defence maintains its operational output during the pandemic. Dstl has helped to widen the Government’s scientific understanding on the spread of the pandemic, we’ve supported the national health response and are helping to increase the understanding of the virus. It is a truly national and global effort and Dstl is a critical part of THAT”

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John Clark

Thanks for the article Lisa, an interesting read. It’s interesting that although we have vaccinated more people than the rest of the EU put together and having personally witnessed the amazing NHS organisation that’s ramped up to facilitate this when I took my mother for her vaccination, the BBC in particular just keep rigidly to the left wing negative narrative. Instead of applauding this incredible effort and unprecedented undertaking, they selectively interview left wing think tanks and shadow ministers, letting them have an uninterrupted soap box without any subjective questioning and finding nothing but fault. It’s rather sad that the… Read more »


Why is the BBC’s line of enquiry ‘left wing’? You have been flogging that ‘dead horse’ so long that it is just background noise now! Sorry about the mixed metaphors, though they are better than the absolute rubbish that you come out with! The BBC gives the government and its advisors a huge amount of time to make their case. When they ask for comments from the official opposition, it is to preserve political balance. If the Labour Party offer criticisms of government policy, it is in line with their duty as the official opposition to hold the government to… Read more »


Political balance from the BBC is sadly no longer guaranteed.

John Clark

Indeed Maurice, no surprise that some folk can’t see that.

John Clark

Coming from a chap that disagrees with very principles democracy Herodotus, re BREXIT, I think Trump’s crown sits far more comfortably on your head my dear chap..

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken

Hopefully the bbc’s Days are numbered in its present form. The license fee will come to an end sooner or later and hopefully they will up sticks and relocate to the continent or N Korea where their laughable propaganda can be lapped up. I’ve chuckled over the years since school days as they morphed from the Baghdad broadcasting corp , through to the blairite broadcasting corp then into the Brussels broadcasting corp and now in their present form of slimmed down baw bag corporation ….. total and utter shite like C4, ITV,Sky ,RT, CNN…spin spin and more spin……………. Once again… Read more »

John Clark

Well said Artist, I’m sure Herodotus will be along soon to tell you how terribly wrong you are, after of course he’s finished vigorously nodding with agreement at the BBC news…..🤣

The Artist Formerly Known As Los Pollos Chicken



Glad to see that you are back to your ebullient, right-wing, bigoted best! It can’t have been very pleasant to have made such an arse of yourself by criticising people that complained about the lack of PPE. And then going on to effectively blame illegal immigrants for the spread of Covid 19….what a fool!

John Clark

Oh dear, try and cheer up and locate your sense of humour, who’s a grumpy old teacher then…..

Go and listen to some soothing Billy Bragg perhaps?

I believe it’s you who keeps embarrassing himself with your usual tirade of ‘bigoted racist’ to anyone who voted for BREXIT, all rather sad and tired.

Do try and stop yourself from commenting on my posts Herodotus, you only end up upsetting yourself dear chap.