Royal Navy patrol ship HMS Trent has successfully intercepted drugs worth over half a billion pounds, significantly disrupting the flow of narcotics destined for Europe and America.

Since its deployment to the region in December, HMS Trent has been involved in five major drug interdiction operations, cumulatively seizing narcotics valued at approximately £511 million.

The most recent operation saw the ship prevent £204 million worth of cocaine from reaching British shores following a night-time pursuit.

The operation started after HMS Trent was alerted by a United States maritime patrol aircraft about a suspicious go-fast boat. Using its powerful radars, Trent tracked the vessel, which matched the reported course and speed, leading to an intense chase as night fell.

As HMS Trent and its boarding team—comprised of sailors, Royal Marines, and US Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Team personnel—closed in, the crew of the go-fast boat began to jettison their cargo in an attempt to escape. Despite their efforts to offload bales of cocaine and increase their speed to nearly 50mph, the sheer volume of drugs left behind was significant.

“Every direction we looked in, there was cocaine bales. We knew this was a big haul; they must have ditched the entire cargo to escape,” said a Royal Marine involved in the operation in a press release, who cannot be named for operational reasons.

The recovery operation continued throughout the night, ultimately recovering 2,548 kg of cocaine.

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Rfn_Weston (@guest_817380)
5 days ago

So they got away? Unfortunate.

Armchair Admiral
Armchair Admiral (@guest_817419)
5 days ago
Reply to  Rfn_Weston

Need a drone. Follow, zero in a helicopter . Blow ’em to bits!…sorry. apprehend them and give them a stern talking to whilst using the go fast for target practice. I see the news story of Ukranian sea drones being equipped with sidewinder (or similar) to deter Russky helicopter gunships. How effective would this be against a Martlet armed machine? Not sure if it’s pukka news. I mean how would you target a missile like that, with both the EOD/radar and missile being low in the water wet and bobbing around? How would you point it in the general direction?… Read more »

Jon (@guest_817435)
5 days ago

Absolutely agree about the drone. And not just a Puma. I don’t know when Peregrine goes operational, some time this year it was supposed to be, but a couple of those in a POD should go on the WIGS.

Dr. Bruce Palmer
Dr. Bruce Palmer (@guest_817401)
5 days ago

The Royal Navy needs to sell the drugs and out that half of a billion into its budget.

JJay (@guest_818202)
2 days ago

well dealers are popping up everywhere near me, so i guess they threw you a few bales to get you excited and moved the rest onto another destination coming to a street near you soon enough.