NATO is set to unveil its new Allied Reaction Force (ARF) on Monday, 1st July 2024, as part of a significant enhancement to its strategy of deterring Russia.

The announcement, made via NATO’s Allied Command Operations Twitter account, underscores the Alliance’s commitment to bolstering its readiness and response capabilities in the face of evolving global threats.

“Get ready for an exciting announcement! On Monday, 1st July 2024, we’ll be introducing the new Allied Reaction Force (ARF), a key component of NATO’s enhanced defence strategy. Stay tuned and come back to our channel for all the details,” the tweet read.

The ARF is designed to replace the NATO Response Force (NRF) and will be integrated into a new three-tiered system of Allied forces aimed at improving NATO’s ability to deter and defend against threats, particularly from Russia.

This restructuring is part of a broader initiative agreed upon at the Vilnius Summit in 2023, which seeks to address deficiencies in NATO’s previous force structures.

The force will be multi-domain, incorporating capabilities in cyber and space alongside traditional land, air, and maritime elements. This marks a shift from the previous NRF, which faced criticism for its limitations.

The ARF aims to be more agile and capable, addressing the need for rapid response forces in today’s security landscape; in short, it’ll be cheaper and quicker to deploy.

The ARF, say the Alliance. is expected to enhance NATO’s deterrence and defence capabilities, ensuring that the Alliance can effectively respond to any crisis or threat within the Euro-Atlantic area.

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Jon (@guest_830493)
9 hours ago

I’m pleased cyber and space are now included domains, finding it hard to understand how space could be excluded from any multi-domain operation. Nevertheless, is it really that exciting if something gets renamed? Isn’t it just another acronym to learn? NATO didn’t get the “spiral development” memo, it seems.

DB (@guest_830520)
8 hours ago
Reply to  Jon

Not arf vicar…

Jon (@guest_830562)
6 hours ago
Reply to  DB

arf arf.

DB (@guest_830521)
8 hours ago

Great publicity but much like the UK’s own forces, is this just not a paper tiger rebranded?

Jim (@guest_830548)
6 hours ago
Reply to  DB

NATO has 3.5 million military personnel. All it actually needs are rebrands to tell it how to equip, train and deploy its existing personnel.

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_830532)
7 hours ago

Blimey. Did the MoD’s own spin doctors write that?
“Agile, capable”
Heard those before.
It is all “new” you know.

Frank62 (@guest_830642)
1 minute ago

When I read “Agile, capable”, I usually interpret as cut even closer to the bone.
What we need is details. Combat troops deployable, combat aircraft, warships.

If Russia was afraid of rebrands & new quangos they’d never have invaded UKR.

Jon (@guest_830565)
5 hours ago

The NRF comprises units with various response times.

  • The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF): this ‘spearhead force’ is the unit that can be deployed most rapidly.
  • Initial Follow-on Forces Group (IFFG): units with a longer response time, which can reinforce the VJTF.
  • Follow-on Forces Group (FFG): units without a pre-determined response time.

So we have another exciting opportunity to rename the
the bits of it too. I think the ARF should be made up of the “Ultra Agile” (UA), the “Not Quite as Agile” (NQA), and the “Can’t it Wait for Bake Off to Finish?” (CIWBOF).

Frank62 (@guest_830643)
37 seconds ago
Reply to  Jon

😀If only we could weaponise MOD memos.

JOHN MELLING (@guest_830582)
4 hours ago

Feel free to enlighten yourselves with a few facts by reading the “The new NATO Force Model: ready for launch”

3 tiers of forces-

Tier 1, with 100’000 troops within 0 to 10 days
Tier 2, with 200’00 within 10 to 30 days
Tier 3, with 500’000 withing 30 to 180 day

Plus the ARF

Last edited 4 hours ago by JOHN MELLING