New Tide class tanker delivery delayed

RFA Tidespring, a new Tide class tanker, is now seven months late and has still not been accepted by the Ministry of Defence.

MoD respond to our article on the Type 45 Destroyer fleet

On Friday, we published an article regarding all Type 45 Destroyers being in Portsmouth at the same time, the Ministry of Defence have responded.

Japanese warship visits London

A Japanese naval vessel has visited London, the first Japanese ship to do so in a significant period of time.

Despite issues, most of the Type 45 fleet remains operational

Despite all Type 45 Destroyers being in Portsmouth, apart from HMS Dauntless, all the of the vessels are in their normal operating cycle.

HMS Ambush returning to UK for repairs after collision

HMS Ambush has left port in Gibraltar to return to the UK for repairs.

Entire Type 45 Destroyer fleet now in port

Photos have emerged showing the entire Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer fleet in port, with many currently inactive.

£183 million deal signed for Type 26 Frigate gun

The Ministry of Defence have signed a £183 million contract for a five inch gun system the Royal Navy’s new Type 26 Frigate fleet.

BAE demonstrate autonomous naval technologies

BAE have delivered a live demonstration of the latest unmanned naval technologies in a realistic scenario in the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour.

Royal Navy test real-time warship health monitoring tools

Technology developed by BAE Systems is set to transform the future of warship support in the Royal Navy by flagging potential faults in real time.

IN PICTURES: HMS Forth nears completion

HMS Forth is a River class offshore patrol vessel under-construction on the Clyde, we've taken a closer look.



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