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Russia considers joining fight against Islamic State

Russia is reportedly considering whether to follow the international coalition in conducting air strikes against Islamic State targets.

Government face legal challenge over drone strike in Syria

The Government is facing a legal challenge over the decision to target British Islamic State fighters in Syria without Parliamentary approval.

Russian combat aircraft in Syria

Russian combat aircraft have been spotted in Syria raising concerns Moscow may launch strikes to support the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Netherlands to expand bombing of Islamic State into Syria

The Dutch parliament has backed the Netherlands extending air strikes against Islamic State into Syria. Like the United Kingdom, the country was previously only...

Is Russia stepping up military presence in Syria?

Russia has confirmed it has sent personnel to Syria to oversee arms deliveries, this is believed to be the first official confirmation of an...

Defence secretary to push for air strikes in Syria

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is to ask MP's to consider allowing Britain to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria it has been learned. Currently,...