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Why an international ban on the AK47 wouldn’t work

There is a debate as to whether the banning of the AK47 would impact terrorist organisations and reduce the capability of insurgences?

Tube Terror Attack in London: The need to disrupt and destroy...

The attack on Parsons Green tube station in London on the 15th September 2017 with a explosive device detonated on a tube carriage is...

Turkey shoots down aircraft on Syrian border

Turkey have shot down a drone on their border with Syria.

US and Russia in air safety talks after ‘near miss’

The United States and Russia are to hold air safety talks after it emerged combat aircraft from both nations came within miles of each other at the weekend.

French jets strike Islamic State

French aircraft carried out a second wave of strikes overnight against Islamic State targets in Syria. The strike aircraft were launched from the French nuclear...

Russian missiles hit Iran

Four Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea fell short of their targets in Syria and crash landed in a rural part of Iran.

Russian assault ship delivers weaponry to Syria

Russian assault ship Caesar Kunikov has today docked in Syria with a cargo of ammunition and weapons destined for the Syrian military.

Russian Jet Intercepted over Syria

A Russian aircraft entered Turkish airspace on Saturday due to what Moscow called a "navigational error", the aircraft was met by Turkish F-16's.

China have NOT sent an aircraft carrier to Syria

A Chinese naval expert has dismissed reports that the country is sending an aircraft carrier to Syria to assist in the fight against Islamic State.

Russia in fresh round of airstrikes in Syria

Russian aircraft have bombed five more Islamic State targets in Syria, according to the Russian defence ministry.