Russia is reportedly considering whether to follow the international coalition in conducting air strikes against Islamic State targets.

Russia would conduct air strikes only if they were approved by the United Nations he said.

Mr Putin spoke top reporters after meeting Barack Obama outside of the UN General Assembly.

The recent increase in Russian activity in Syria have raised concerns about the dangers of uncoordinated operations by both Russian forces and the NATO-led coalition currently fighting in the country.

Speaking after his meeting with US President Obama, Putin said that Russia was exploring options to use its forces against Islamic State (IS).

“We are mulling over what we would really do extra in order to support those who are in the battlefield, resisting and fighting with terrorists, IS first of all. There is an opportunity to work on joint problems together.”

In recent weeks Russia has moved aircraft, tanks, artillery and other vehicles into Syria though its objective in the region remains unclear.

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Eric J. Hensley
6 years ago

Of course they will as it aids Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.

Michael Karl Dawes
6 years ago

^ yes but you have to prioritise, no point in the west handwringing about ISIL and petulantly saying the want ISIL and Assad defeated, let’s get one gone and worry about Assad after.