MoD pays hackers to uncover network vulnerabilities

The Ministry of Defence has paid bounties to hackers for discovering vulnerabilities in its computer networks.

UK and US call out Russia for SolarWinds compromise

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has been blamed for the SolarWinds cyber attack.

NCSC warns against cyber security complacency

Basic cyber hygiene "is as important a life skill as knowing how to wire a plug".

UK supports US charges against North Korean cyber attackers

The indictment charges individuals with involvement in hacking and fraud conspiracy.

77th Brigade ‘not being used against UK population’

77th Brigade were involved in countering misinformation online relating to #COVID19 but they are keen to stress they "do not, and have never, conducted any kind of action against British citizens".

British Army conduct major cyber competition

Over 400 UK and international defence cyber specialists have taken part in the UK’s biggest cyber competition.

Cyber war is real war

"Cyber war is not virtual war, it is real warfare capable of producing results previously only attainable through the use of strategic bombing", argues Rebecca Campbell in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Cyber attacks on UK coronavirus research

It is understood that hackers have tried to break into the systems of researchers at AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

NATO cyber security wargames underway

The exercise aims to train cyber defenders in their ability to defend NATO and national networks and will test decision making processes and procedures.

GCHQ tackling Russian anti-vaccine disinformation – report

GCHQ has launched a cyber operation to disrupt disinformation around vaccines being spread by Russia and other hostile states, it has been reported.



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