Two hundred personnel have deployed this morning to South Yorkshire to support flood relief efforts, say the MoD.

“The troops, drawn from the UK Standby Battalions based at Catterick (Light Dragoons) and Cottesmore (2 Royal Anglian), will assist civilian authorities on the ground by bolstering flood defences in the Doncaster and River Don area. If necessary, soldiers will also provide help warning and informing residents, and support with potential evacuation efforts from high risk or flooded areas.

Following this morning’s deployment a further 200 personnel will be put on immediate readiness later today, and Defence and the Armed Forces will continue to stay in close communication with other authorities to assess the requirement for further personnel if needed. The deployment of troops follows support provided at the weekend by the Royal Air Force, when RAF Chinooks were called in to assist a pumping station near Doncaster following heavy rainfall.”

The aircraft dropped 40 tonnes of aggregate at specific points to ensure flood defences could continue to work properly.

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Mark B
Mark B (@guest_481557)
1 year ago

Surely the military should be constantly monitoring developing disasters to see if they can add value. Likely assets should be put on standby and the civilian authorities should only have to ask. Its part of the job to help protect the population not to mention good PR and useful training.

JohnHartley (@guest_481569)
1 year ago

A little bit of tree planting on higher ground + building mini dams (the size of a domestic swimming pool) on upland streams, would slow the water after heavy rain & stop most of this flooding. (Also help in a drought.) A further defence would be mini storm bypass ditches for built up areas, that would be dry normally, but available to take excess water away after a downpour.

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_481582)
1 year ago
Reply to  JohnHartley

Agreed. Preemptive action is needed – both for floods and droughts. Governments need a long term agenda which will benefit the country for hundreds of years.

Rob (@guest_481610)
1 year ago

Had to laugh, Pvt Soldier talking to the PM (even if he is a ****) om the news with her hands in her pockets – RSM!

Seriously though, good luck and thanks to all ranks.