Over 5,000 Armed Forces personnel are currently deployed to support the response to the Coronavirus across the UK, working on 70 different tasks ranging from schools testing to the rollout of vaccines, according to the Ministry of Defence.

According to the Ministry of Defence, more military personnel are being deployed to support community testing in:

  • Manchester – 800 personnel providing community testing support to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  • Kent – 390 personnel will support community testing
  • Swadlincote, Derbyshire – 130 personnel to establish and operate four lateral flow testing sites
  • Kirklees, Yorkshire – 75 personnel to establish and operate four lateral flow testing sites
  • Lancashire – 420 personnel to support asymptomatic testing

“In Manchester today (4 January) another large scale task starts, with 800 personnel deploying from nine regiments across the British Army at the request of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), through the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). These personnel will prepare to work across all ten local authority areas of Greater Manchester to carry out targeted asymptomatic testing of specific populations that may be at a higher risk of infection including social care staff, key workers, public facing occupations such as bus drivers, and those in high risk environments such care homes and shared accommodation for the homeless. The task builds on lessons from previous asymptomatic community testing in Liverpool, Lancashire, Merthyr Tydfil, Medway, and Kirklees.

In addition to community testing, military personnel remain on-task testing hauliers in Dover and helping to establish ten new testing sites to improve the flow of traffic across the Channel. As of today, 515 personnel are on task in Kent and elsewhere providing testing to hauliers. 1,500 Armed Forces personnel have also been provided to support schools testing, with local response teams providing virtual support and phone advice to institutions. Personnel also on standby to deploy at short notice to provide in-person support. Testing will continue as planned with two rapid Lateral Flow Tests available to all secondary school and college students and staff at the start of term to identify asymptomatic cases, break chains of transmission and beat the virus.”

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According to another news release from the Ministry of Defence:

“The MOD has deployed 10 military planners to assist the Vaccine Task Force, with over 150 personnel deployed across the UK to support organisational and logistical components of the Deployment Programme. Two separate military planners are seconded to support the Vaccine Task Force Director. Additionally, 20 personnel are assisting with regional vaccine planning, end-to-end logistics and delivery. From 11th January a Vaccine Quick Reaction Force is being established, with their training for the role beginning today. This will initially be 21 teams of six personnel assigned to the seven NHS England regions, able to provide surge support to the vaccine roll-out if required by local health authorities.

In Wales, 90 service personnel are deployed to support Health Boards in rapidly establishing and operating vaccination centres. For the first-time trained defence medics will also support the administering of the vaccine. Ninety-four military personnel, including medics and drivers, have embedded with the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust to support them by driving Ambulances.

In Scotland, military planners are supporting the testing and vaccine programmes. Earlier during the pandemic Armed Forces personnel supported healthcare professionals to deliver testing at Glasgow Airport, and RAF Puma helicopters were deployed to Kinloss Barracks in Moray to provide emergency assistance to NHS boards and trusts across Scotland.

In Northern Ireland the Defence Estate is being loaned to the PSNI for their use and the Armed Forces have placed medevac capabilities on standby for Covid-19 patients when needed.”

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Gordon Barclay
10 months ago

10,000 troops were deployed to Glasgow in January/February 1919, at the request of the Sheriff of Lanarkshire.

Robert Blay
Robert Blay
10 months ago

Another display of the flexibility of the Armed Force’s. Along with all of our other commitments. ??

10 months ago

The national effort steps up another gear, which to be honest is hard to do when your in the middle of a marathon and everyone is tiring out, fingers crossed we can get to a steady state and get a breather in the summer months.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Hi Jonathan, A relative of mine is currently in hospital with Covid. She has an underlying medical condition so it seems she is in trouble. We are all worried for her. This really bring it home, hard. You are right to say the summer is likely to be a breather. Different types of Coronavirus cause flu and cold symptoms so I don’t think we will ever get rid of Covid. We need to think about a new normal which may include annual mass vaccinations a la flu jabs! I am hoping that after all of this we will learn to… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  ChariotRider

Hi CR, my thoughts are with everyone suffering or has family members suffering from this terrible disease and I hope you get good news. Unfortunately what you have said is very much true, but our leaders are not yet willing to either Face the truth or maybe start to be honest with the public. This disease is going to force a massive change in our society and we will never be free of it. Key points: 1) while it is circulating in numbers around the world it will mutate its way around vaccines. 2) we have no way of vaccinating… Read more »