Ajax, the British Army’s new armoured fighting vehicle has been tested in extreme cold in Sweden.

According to the Ministry of Defence, in order to provide confidence that the vehicle is capable of withstanding the varying environmental conditions, the vehicle was subjected to a number of controlled climatic chamber trials.

“All requirements have been tested individually in these previous chamber trials; the in-country trial is a combination of these in a representative environment, with the inclusion of mobility aspects, ISTAR and firing trials.”

The objective of the trial is to accumulate a body of evidence against the requirement set to complement sub-system test results and system-level (Cold Chamber) trial

Last year, the turret for Ajax successfully completed further manned live firing trials.

The milestone took place at a trial in west Wales. The formal qualification trials are testing the vehicle’s CTAI 40mm (CT40) cannon and the 7.62mm chain gun.

The phase tested firing from a static vehicle on a static target. The trials will continue over the coming months, progressing to fire on the move, and at a moving target say Lockheed Martin UK.

The manned firing generated data to support the process of manned crew clearance – assessing the safety and suitability of the platform for use by military personnel.

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Corbyn gets ever closer! What are the chances of this vehicle reaching its planned fleet number, if Labour gets in? In fact, what future has UK defence have under such leadership??

Steve R

Little to none. I don’t think it will come to that though; Corbyn is still seen as unelectable by many and it’s only the government’s piss poor handling of Brexit that has buoyed him in the polls. If an election were held soon it’d be yet another hung parliament. No way would Labour get a majority under Corbyn. Even if he had to get into bed with the SNP, they’d want to keep defence alive due to all the work in a Scottish shipyards. The unions would also demand the same. That said, I’m all in favour of May and… Read more »


We will only get a Norway Deal not a Norway Plus. A Norway deal is a bad idea as it will mean that we are controlled by the EU but have no say in the EU… It has a few minor benefits but they are not worth it. It would be better to simply stay in the EU and have a say in what happens. I am however in favour of talks between May and Corbyn as this should have happened months ago. The problem is that so far, Corbyns ideas have been completely incompatible with the EU so I… Read more »

Morning all. “government’s piss poor handling of Brexit ” Yes, of course, they have been a disaster ( deliberately ) and Nigel Farage warned as such long ago, but as usual was ignored. And lets not forget the role of the opposition. Attempting to block just about every move made since Article 50 was delivered. Hundreds of Labour Leave constituents with MP’s “representing” their electorate by doing the opposite in the house and voting remain. MP’s from the Tories are being deselected in some seats, curious why the same is not happening in Labour areas? Both main parties ran for… Read more »


Labour candidates have been deselected, however only those that are aligned towards Tom Watson and therefore not aligned with Momentum. As for migration. Migration from the EU was for the most part, skilled individuals who added a great deal to our GDP. Migration from outside of the EU was a higher proportion of unskilled people. The thing is that we have always had full control over migration from outside of the EU and have never done anything about it. We need migration, we just need to make sure those migrants are adding to our economy rather than taking away. EU… Read more »

Thanks Lee1

Have they? I missed that. Which Labour MP’s have been deselected by their local associations for supporting Remain in Leave areas?
Not the independents, they resigned.

“The thing is that we have always had full control over migration from outside of the EU and have never done anything about it. We need migration, ” I accept this. So why has nothing been done. Agree migration is necessary. It saddens me when some, like me complain about migration and are instantly branded right wing shaven headed nationalistic thugs. Nigel Farage has always accepted migration is part of life, it just needs control, whether a points based system or whatever. Instead all we get is, UKIP, thug, racist! It is ridiculous. A serious conversation is needed at national… Read more »


In West Midlands 5 MPs have been deselected as they are not supporters of Momentum. Or to be more precise they are not being allowed to run for election in the next vote. I imagine they will end up going to Change UK. Others have been at least threatened with deselection for criticising Corbyn over anti-semitism, I think at least some of them were not deselected in the end as it was turning into a PR nightmare. It is nothing to do with Leave or Remain, it is to do with Momentums dictatorship style. They are trying to get all… Read more »

Thanks Lee1

Yes I had read of what Momentum are doing, getting rid of moderates and replacing with Corbyn drones.

I was asking specifically for examples of deselection due to their MP’s behaviour in Parliament., as has happened in some Conservative cases, concerning the 2016 referendum.

Skilled workers from Poland Bulgaria Romania Latvia and places East???
I think not. All these people do work like chicken abattoir. Or serving coffee.

We can agree all we want but we do not remain a free country unless we control our currency or control our borders and leave the EU political system. The majority of other things are minor.
And any govt can and will change things following various elections as the years go by. BUT once we leave the EU… It’s going to take a huge change to get us to rejoin.


Danielle. Unfortunately UKIP were full of Thugs and Racists along with Farage being a bit of a crook. I absolutely accept that not everyone that voted for UKIP were Thugs and Racists but when an organisation is infiltrated to such an extent by such people it is going to lead to everyone being tarred with the same brush. I also understand that not all people that voted to leave did so due to racist agendas. However again the most shouty people on this matter do generally get the headlines and they are the ones more likely to show racist behaviour.… Read more »

“Danielle. Unfortunately UKIP were full of Thugs and Racists along with Farage being a bit of a crook” See Lee, this is where we diverge in a big way. You live in the States I believe? So have you first hand experience of course, of these UKIP racists, or just read of them in the left leaning newspapers? I’m a UKIP member, attended dozens of meetings, know lots of “Kippers”,gone out on campaign knocking on doors, I have not seen any. There were even Black and Muslim UKIP members at meetings. Most members I met are fed up Conservative voters.… Read more »

Lee, where are you getting MP’s are being deselected because they do not support momentum from? that is not true in the slightest, the MP’s are not listening to Labour members, not only that they are not listening to their own constituents, they were voted into a well paid job as an MP on the back of a manifesto, created by Labour members that they have been constantly attacking and undermining, while during the election they held it in their hand at doorsteps and on TV. And then they join in the complete and utter smear that is anti-Semitism, there… Read more »


Danielle. Farage made money out of Brexit! He had people shorting the market based on his comments in the run up to the result announcement! However I will accept that the UKIP people you know are not racist or thugs. I have met both sides. I have people that I know that are clearly decent people and are UKIP members. I also know of people that are clearly Thugs and were in the past football hooligans and they are also members of UKIP. That is my point though. Those undesirables have latched on to the Leave side and UKIP and… Read more »

Agree 100% with your original post Daniele. Only thing I have to add is how bitterly dissappointing it is that labour are not representing the country. I feel that if they were, they would be having similar internal party debates as the conservatives are having, and that if the labour leave supporters combined with the Tory leave supporters they would have a marginal majority, representing the 52% that wanted to leave and we would actually leave (i.e. democracy working). As pretty much the whole Labour party wants to remain though, in spite of what their constituents want, they are the… Read more »


I would say the parliament is representing the country to a point. The views of the country at the time of the vote were around 50/50 (ie deadlock) and the views of parliament seem to be also at deadlock…

Although the views of the country are now swinging further towards remain so this is what is giving the MPs issues. It should never have been a simple majority vote as doing so has locked them into a problem where no matter what decision they make they are going to anger half the country…

Spot on John. “Although the views of the country are now swinging further towards remain so this is what is giving the MPs issues” Nope, from what I read and hear No deal is what people want, the original, proper, Brexit, after which a comprehensive FT deal with the EU and other nations is arranged. “It should never have been a simple majority vote ” How else do we vote then? Lets have Proportional Representation. Great, would have given UKIP around 90 MP’d in 2015 and destroy once and for all the establishment feathering their nest with a system that… Read more »


The difference between a general election and Brexit is that Brexit is permanent a general election is going to happen again in 4 years… As for how you would have something other than a simple majority vote… There is such a thing as setting a threshold. SO you would say if 60% of people vote to leave then we leave. That then would have given the government a clear population majority and clear support. 50/50 was always going to cause problems. Also if you think that most of the country would vote again the leave then why is there such… Read more »

I think we are to blame just as much as the politicians Every single person who voted leave and then voted Labour or Tory, they are partially responsible for this mess. Don’t vote leave one year then the next year vote for a party that has a remainer in charge, barely mentioned Brexit in their manifestos, nearly entire cabinet and shadow cabinet remain, and then complain when they are messing up Brexit haha you voted them in charge ffs. You should of showed proper integrity and followed your leave vote with a vote for the party that campaigned to leave… Read more »


Labour do not have a remainer in charge! The last time I looked Corbyn was the leader of the Labour party and he hates the EU and has campaigned to leave in the past! He is a full leaver, it is just he does not want to now admit to that as half of his voters want to remain…

“I think we are to blame just as much as the politicians

Every single person who voted leave and then voted Labour or Tory, they are partially responsible for this mess.”

I have to agree Sole, and sadly I was one of them. I switched because I thought, wrongly and somewhat naively, that as UKIP was too small and cannot barely get a single MP due to the FPTP system rather than PR I would vote Tory as leave was in their, and Labour’s, manifesto.

I made a similar point above on the Lib Dems. They stand for remaining in the EU. Fine.


@Solesurvivor…. The point is that the MPs in question are not attacking their leader, they just do not share momentums extreme views. Also labour is supposed to be a democratic party (they bang on about their democratic processes all the time) so in a democracy you can have differing opinions and not be punished for that. The MPs in question were deselected without being given a reason. They however are friendly towards Labours deputy leader… Labour is not a football team it is a political party that wants to lead our country. They should be held to much higher standards… Read more »

“The point is that the MPs in question are not attacking their leader, they just do not share momentums extreme views” What extreme views? And yes they are attacking their leader, it’s nothing to do with not sharing views with Momentum, show me evidence of this. So they are voted in while campaigning on a manifesto, then the day after the election abandon every policy in it because they never agreed with it in the first place, you think that is democracy?? No it’s not a football team but it is still meant to be a united party, you are… Read more »


I think you are over egging the “Entire membership” I know a number of Labour members that would certainly not agree with that at all! You can do your own research on those MPs. One of them went to a Momentum meeting to genuinely see what it was all about. She has been a Labour member for 25 years. She questioned on thing and was attacked by pretty much the entire audience for being a fascist and traitor! She felt so threatened she left immediately, followed by a couple of the members who continued to verbally attack her all the… Read more »

He got over 60% of the vote in the leadership contest and that was in 2016, by all estimates that share would of gone up seen as people that have joined since would be supporters of the current parties policies.

What Labour MP was that?

And what extreme views do these MP’s not agree with Lee?


They do not agree with the anti-semitism and the way it is being handled (or not being handled as seems to be the case) and they do not agree with the Marxism.

And yes he won with 60% of the vote… That does not count as all the membership… Also all polls suggest that his support has drastically dropped. There are certainly some people that I work with that were huge supporters of Corbyn but now are not happy with him or Momentum.

What anti-semitism? Anti-semitism is less now than what it was under Milliband. What policies from the last labour manifesto would you class as Marxist? Support for every politician has dropped, the political agenda is Brexit, it’s his weakest point and half the membership want to stay in the EU. But that’s hardly the point, you can’t accept the fact that labour members when given the choice have deselected these MP’s. Not because of any organisation, nothing to do with “Marxism” it is their own behaviour and support for policy that doesn’t belong in the Labour Party. I’m not sure where… Read more »


I have addressed your points. Just because you have a rose spectacle view of Momentum does not make you correct. The MPs that were deselected are mounting a legal fight by the way… So I am sure we will hear the full facts soon enough…

There have been members who have been threatened with deselection for asking Corbyn to tackle antisemitism while those that are accused of it are effectively pardoned by the leadership. You can take that as you like, but it is not a good look.

You have not at all, I asked you to show me or send me the link to anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

I asked you to show me Marxism in labours last manifesto?

You have an opinion based on what you read in the media, I have an opinion based on being part of these organisations, some more than others, and being involved in dozens of meetings myself.

I’ll ask for the final time, what extreme views do momentum have? You said antisemitism and Marxism, can you show me please?


Hopefully Gavin Williamson would just do the same thing the previous Labour govt did and sign contracts to cover our capability gaps for the next 10 years that are so expensive to get out of they have to go ahead regardless of who is in government. QE and PoW would have been scrapped 10 years ago if exit penalties had not been in the contract.

When I was a ‘twenty-something’ in the seventies i.e. classed as ‘the future of this country’ in modern poli-speak (which would now prefer me being dead, apparently) we voted, with reservation, for the EEC; with Westminster swearing that no dissolution of our sovereignty would take place – ‘over my dead body’ was a quote of one politician (to be strictly fair, now probably dead). In other words, parliament was against an EU. Decades later, when we’re finally allowed to vote on whether we actually accept what is effectively a fundamental change to our constitution, unknown anywhere else in the world… Read more »


The thing is Freedom of movement was something the UK pushed for and created… We have had Freedom of movement for hundreds of years and no one has batted an eyelid. This is one of the reasons the rest of the EU is baffled with the reasons the UK voted to leave.

From a quick Google….UK population 1700 8.2 million 1800 10.5 million 1939 46 million 2000 58.89 million 2010 62.76 million 2019 66.85 million “We have had Freedom of movement for hundreds of years and no one has batted an eyelid” Well people are batting eyelids now. With the population expanding by 1.2 million every 4 years – Again I ask, where will they live, where are the jobs, where are the NHS places, school places, sewage systems, transport network, what areas of the Green belt are you happy to see demolished? I love it how whenever I ask this countless… Read more »


Nigel Farage is a crook. I would not listen to him if I were you. However in answer to those questions. You can not simply look at population and blame the EU. The single biggest population increase over the last 150 or so years was in the period 1901-1911. In that period there was a net loss to migration. The UK has always had control over the immigration from outside of the EU but has not done anything about it. The single biggest issue that we face today was caused in the period after WW2. They are called the baby… Read more »

Hi Lee1 I don’t need to listen to Nigel Farage, I can see what is happening to my country with my own eyes from a child in the 1970’s to now, and forge my own opinion, thank you! You’ve ignored my core questions actually, no surprise there as no one can or will answer. Other points you make, I agree with quite a lot there actually, such as London spending compared to other areas and so forth, baby boomers, and the like, but the fact remains this countries population is expanding at a constant rate. End of, and being in… Read more »



Again, we could have limited immigration massively ourselves but did nothing. With regards to EU migration there were many UK residents living in the EU so it offset the EU immigration to point. If you want to blame people for Immigration then blame ourselves for not limiting it in the ways we were able to do so.

Which points did I not address?

I respect the results of the referendum even though I voted to remain. But it’s so complicated and to a certain degree chaotic because of the current governments handling of the whole thing im not sure what will happen in the end. All I wish for is that our nation will be ok whether we leave or stay in. Corbyn worries me a great deal !!! Hope he never get’s into number 10. eek


The British army just lost what respect it had with a lot of people with that video of the Para Regiment shooting at posters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Afghanistan. That means less public and political support for increasing expenditure defence generally and specifically on equipment such as Challenger tanks. There was also the incident in 2015 of a serving General anonymously threatening a revolt if Jeremy Corbyn and Labour if he came to power and reduced the strength of the armed forces (forgetting that the Tories are actually doing this now in power), decommissioning Trident or taking certain… Read more »


The sooner we are rid of May the better. If any competent leader went up against Corbyn in a debate they would literally wipe the floor with him. His policies and Marxist theories are so ridiculous they are the stuff of fairy tales. When he talked about cancelling student debt and making universities free why was he not forced to explain where he would find the 2 trillion to pay for it from? Or how he could maintain student numbers without rationing places. Even if he cancelled all defense spending he could not come close to balancing his spending plans… Read more »

“The British army just lost what respect it had with a lot of people” Where? Which people? The British public overwhelmingly support the armed forces and also the Monarchy. A few soldiers fooling around will not change that. “That means less public and political support for increasing expenditure defence generally and specifically on equipment such as Challenger tanks.” Nonsense I’m afraid. “– Political officers assigned to military units to ensure loyalty to the established political order – Purges of officers and men who are unworthy of being part of a public organisation that is meant to protect us all” Good… Read more »

John Hampson

American company. Designed in Austria. Built from Swedish steel. German engin and turret. French cannon. Manufactured in Spain. The British tender to be built in Newcastle rejected. EU Procurement Rules again? RIP the UK defence industry.


This is a test.