Military medics from Croatia, Germany and the Netherlands have arrived in Lithuania to reinforce NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup.

The battlegroup, led by Germany, is taking care of its own troops in order not to burden Lithuania‘s health care system, say NATO in a news release.

“Members of the medical teams said they looked forward to working together with their colleagues to ensure troops in the multinational battlegroup stay healthy, and all necessary precautionary measures continue to be taken.

Their deployment sends a clear signal of NATO solidarity, strengthening the battlegroup´s mission of deterrence and reassurance.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has stressed that despite the pandemic, NATO maintains operational readiness, including through its air policing mission and the multinational battlegroups in the Baltic region.”

The battlegroup in Lithuania is stationed in Rukla and is one of NATO´s four multinational battlegroups in the Baltic countries and Poland.

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Harold? HAROLD? Friendly nations helping each other out? Oh damn sorry this doesn’t go along with your sad anti west Putin worshiping ways. Naughty military medics, helping people and saving lives, damn naughty medics…Defence force blah….Nasty West blah…Lovesky Russkis blah….There you go Harold saved you the time and effort.


lol well said.


Harold is unable to join us at the moment as he is doing the advanced course on how to interfere in western democracies through social media postings Diploma. The course was jointly funded by the Russian and Chienese communist parties…


And how to eat crayons and cat litter in a none capitalist, gender neutral, anti-fascist, western democracy disarmament way! And he has failed, as he is still making a waxy frothy mess on his pinny and special “not bite tongue off” mouth guard!


Well, at least Harold has given you all something to post about…even if it is tosh. Trouble is, it largely substitutes proper argument for the usual hackneyed personal insults.

Daniele Mandelli

Morning H.

Thing is though, he will not debate his point! People have tried. I think that in itself irks many, including me.

Sure have an opinion. But then stand by it and defend it. Harold, as Julian1 puts it, does “drive by shootings” He does not stick around to defend his point.

You’ll recall I tried some months back and then WE ended up arguing!!



I agree Danielle, but he obvious answer is for everyone to ignore his posts. These endless tirades of personal insults are both ineffective and just lower the tone. Are you still keeping the railways moving?

Daniele Mandelli

Yes I am. Being in a smaller single man box, as you know, I’m not interacting too much with others, which is a blessing.

A much reduced service, and even then the trains are empty.



Guess its the all the same if you have 1 train an hour or 50…just a bit more boring. Are you allowed a radio? I can see you doing a Mrs Mop impression…..sanitising the hand grips….don’t forget the telephone mouthpiece. I remember when I was a kid doing a summer clerical job at the GLC (long gone), there used to be a lady who sanitised the telephone receivers. There were literally thousands of phones at County Hall (the huge building behind the London Eye and as soon as she finished she had to start again!

Daniele Mandelli

You’re quite right Herodotus.

We are allowed a radio, though in quiet periods I read or paint.

As for Mrs Mop! I’m not only wearing gloves ( not Marigolds! ) now when I touch anything that is not mine, but also using those Dettol Hand wipes on taps, fridge and door handles, the all important Kettle, the train radio system, and of course the 4 telephones.

Your GLC lady sounds like the poor sods painting the Forth Bridge, it never effectively ends.


I know I know ignoring him should be the default setting, alas I am weak……and have got absolutely nothing to do for the next few days leave, now I’m back in good old blighty.