Apprentices from the defence, security, and aerospace sectors were given a warm welcome at the UK Parliament by members of the Conservative Party, Labour, and the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Hosted by ADS Group, the event brought together some of the brightest apprentices employed in these crucial industries across the UK, underscoring the importance of apprenticeship programs in fostering the nation’s technical and engineering capabilities.

The reception saw participation from key political figures, including Jane Stevenson, MP, who hosted the event, alongside insightful contributions from astrophysicist Dr. Kevin Fong, Minister Nusrat Ghani MP, Shadow Minister Luke Pollard MP, and Natalie Perera, CEO of the Education Policy Institute. Notably, Brendan O’Hara MP of the SNP also attended, demonstrating cross-party support for the initiative.

ADS Group, in a statement released on February 7th, highlighted the significant number of apprentices, over 20,200, currently working within the aerospace, defence, security, and space sectors in the UK.

“Our sectors employ 20,200 apprentices throughout the UK. This National Apprenticeship Week, we were delighted to take some of the brightest minds in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors to the UK Parliament for our Parliamentary Apprentice Reception. Thank you to our host Jane Stevenson, and to insightful speakers astrophysicist Kevin Fong, Minister Nusrat Ghani MP, Shadow Minister Luke Pollard MP, EPI CEO Natalie Perera, and to our industry sponsors RTX, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Rolls-Royce.”

The Parliamentary Apprentice Reception was supported by industry giants such as RTX, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and Rolls-Royce, all of whom are deeply invested in developing talent through apprenticeship schemes. By bringing together apprentices with leaders from politics and industry, the event highlighted the ongoing efforts to expand opportunities for apprenticeships, thus strengthening the UK’s workforce and its position on the global stage in defence, security, aerospace, and space sectors.

A spokesperson for ADS said:

“Our sectors are vital contributors to our prosperity. We are dedicated to supporting industry, civil society and our armed forces to navigate an increasingly challenging geopolitical environment. We are unwavering in our support to our four sectors that protect the UK’s safety, security, and very way of life.”

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George has a degree in Cyber Security from Glasgow Caledonian University and has a keen interest in naval and cyber security matters and has appeared on national radio and television to discuss current events. George is on Twitter at @geoallison
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terence patrick hewett
terence patrick hewett (@guest_792258)
4 months ago

Ed Davey still hiding behind the sofa?