A temporary hospital with a potential capacity of 1,000 beds is to be created in Glasgow to increase capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the NHS Scotland-run medical facility at the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) could be open within two weeks and could expand to hold more than 1000 patients if later required.

The Scottish Events Campus.

The British Army have also assisted with the setup of a similar facility in London, the NHS Nightingale Hosptial at the ExCel centre. The London facility will initially provide up to 500 beds equipped with ventilators and oxygen. The capacity will then continue to increase, potentially up to several thousand beds, should it be required.

Jill Young, former Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee Hospital at Clydebank, has been appointed Chief Executive of the temporary hospital, say the Scottish Government.

The First Minister said:

“Our NHS is on an emergency footing and all health boards have been undertaking extensive work across Scotland to maximise the capacity available to manage expected rise in demand due to COVID-19. There are currently approximately 13,000 beds in NHS hospitals across Scotland and health boards are working to ensure we have capacity of at least 3000 available for Covid-19 patients. They are also quadrupling Intensive Care Unit capacity to 700. We expect this to provide sufficient treatment capacity to meet the rise in demand.

As a safeguard and to provide extra flexibility, we have been working closely with the military to plan and build this facility which initially be for use by those who have been through hospital treatment and are recovering from their symptoms. I hope this facility will not be needed as, alongside the public’s contributed efforts to stay at home and the steps we are already taking to increase the number of NHS beds, we should have the beds we need.

I want to repeat my thanks to all of our NHS staff working to protect and treat those of us who need it and to everyone staying at home and doing their bit to face these unprecedented challenges. It is essential everyone continues to stay at home, except for key workers, essential shopping, reasonable exercise or caring for the vulnerable, in order to avoid overwhelming our NHS staff and facilities.”

How the London facility looked before the beds were installed, Glasgow will likely have something very similar.
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Amazing work and well done to all who are preparing these Nightingale hospitals. The SNP will need to take a good hard look at their ‘Independents’ project, once this crisis is over. How the people of Scotland could be asked to reconsider the question, when their economy is bound to be decimated, along with the other three nations?


Independence trancends everything…

That is the mindset your dealing with when it comes to those SNP morons and its voters.


The tiresome referral to people who do not hold the same political viewpoint as morons on this site is pathetic. The SNP has every right to campaign for an independent Scotland….I would prefer that they didn’t….but that doesn’t make them morons. Any Scot that is unsure of how to vote on this issue would look at the viscous, bone-headed, idiot comments presented on these pages and immediately vote for independence. As for SNP and Ms Sturgeon, after this national emergency is over Mr Salmond is going to wreak havoc in the party. It is an interesting historical fact that Scottish… Read more »

Douglas Newell

Anyone voting SNP needs their head looking at. SNP MPs and MSPs are biggest buffoons ever to get into office … Blackford the blowhard getting his weekly drubbing at the despatch box, Alyn Smith the useless Europhile so desperate to get that Seat in Stirling when the end of the Brussel’s gravy train was in sight, Mhairi Black rubbing kit kat onto her teeth in Parliament, ExTory Tasmina Sheikh so desperate to for power she moved from party to party to the SNP, Alex Salmond the sex pest (according to his own QC) who never broke the law, and Nicola… Read more »


But, other than that, quite a nice lot really. A bit like UKIP! 🙂

Douglas Newell

They are both cheeks on the same arse, wallowing in self pity and thriving on grievance.


Just maybe the best summary in Christedum?


Yes, yes, I know it’s Christendom.


Fuck me, love it “both cheeks on the same arse”! I will endeavour to use that on a daily basis!

Richard Edwards-Davies

When the SNP were campaigning for the Independence referendum in 2014, they said it was “a one in a lifetime chance” and “one in a Generation chance” to vote for Independence. We are in 2020 which will be 6 years since that vote. Now when did a “lifetime or Generation” be 6 years years? Here in the U.K. a Generation is 30 years and the average Lifetime is 81 years. If we to add those together and divide them by 2 the average is 55 years then minus the 6 years since the first vote they have 49 years to… Read more »


Someone can say your first sentence about every political party in the country

Some valid points points you make but I think the point H was making is the discourse is pathetic calling people morons etc

Bloke no longer down the pub

Have the SNP managed to get the Edinburgh children’s hospital running yet, or is it still sat there empty, doing nothing and costing millions for the privilege?


This is what I’ve been doing………..livejumps.com

Mark B

Glasgow is just another part of the UK to be defended against all foe large or small.

I salute all the authorities and the public (including politicians) who are coming behind the UK Government in the fight. A thank you to all those taking part!

Steven kirkland

Of all the food that’s avail in China and the people of Wuhan I can’t believe some wee fucker decided to munch on a Bat or a Pangolin to satisfy his appetite and desire, resulting in a complete global nightmare. China has to pay after this, politically, financially and in trust. I find it utterly hard that the UK could lose 20k of its citizens to this and equally the estimation of potentially 240k Americans. What’s happened has been staring China in the face for decades. I’ve been in the markets of Beijing, and remember thinking wtf. I dare to… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Conspiracy theories must always be treated with scepticism, but, can someone correct me on this theory that is going round. Is it true that Chinese businesses and factories are reopening? And that Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities were barely affected ? Despite populations of millions. And after the cultural event in Wuhan visited by hundreds of thousands who then dispersed around China and the world. How? Is it also true that China is now benefitting from this? The virus spreads to the rest of the world, who get sick. China then supplies the balm, in the form of masks,… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

That farouk, is the video sent to me that I based my comments on.


Steven kirkland

Thanks for the link bud, watched full video.

In all honesty I’m not so sure.

We have to be careful with this imo like Iraq and 9/11. We need solid evidence to suggest wrong doing and secondly we must not allow the 9/11 theory that the US Gov or CiA were involved in twin Tower attacks.

Daniele Mandelli

Agree Steven. It is just so compelling! Which is why I mentioned it here.

Mark B

Hi Danielle. Whilst I would not dismiss it – China has been waging economic warfare on countries for some time and with much success. Chinese companies would have been ramping up to deal with their own outbreak and to be fair many countries would have outsourced production of such kit there in the first place. I would also not rule out a much more ruthless crackdown on any hotspots. In China it is Society which is important not the individual.
The key question for me is if it were deliberate why introduce first in your own Country?

The Artist Formerly known as Los Pollos Chicken

Indeed things are re opening in Shanghai at least. My other half has family who work in the city they got the F outa dodge when it all started and were unable to return until very recently. I’ll hopefully get a proper insight soon when they come back to U.K. on hol. As you can imagine texting info on the reality or phone calls saying what’s going on can lead to being told bye bye no more job and go back to your own country due to the state control so they have been coy on saying to much. The… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Such an Authoritarian form of government I guess certainly helps combat this sort of thing.

Alan Reid

Hi Steven, I’m not sure anyone did have a bat for lunch, my understanding is that a bat infected something like a chicken or a pig – and the slaughtering of such a creature in a Wuhan food market, late last year, resulted in transmission of the virus across into humans. The rest is history – with over 800, 000 cases of COVID-19 now across the world.
From what I’ve read, Chinese authorities certainly have questions to answer over their secrecy surrounding the initial out-break, with suggestions of a cover-up at local level.

Steven kirkland

Oh no, they have batches of these bats in markets, make soup or to eat separately. China have been warned of this for about 20-30 years with regards to consumption of wild mammals etc and other wildlife. The trouble with bat’s is they have no immunity and are great carrier of viruses. I’m not sure how long the consumption of bat’s has been going on for, that said with any ecosystem they’ll have mass volume and to the Chinese that’s free food as they consume absolutely everything. And trust me masks being made for about half a penny won’t kick… Read more »


Alan, I was sent a video the other day of a dog been cooked in a wok from one of these wet markets, I was f-ing mortified to see that the poor thing was still alive. On asking my mate who has spent a bit of time in China, he replied that the mindset they have is the more pain the animal suffers the tastier the food. I read tweets from this defence journalist /Analyst https://twitter.com/BabakTaghvaee He has just posted a short film clip of a dog on a Bar-b-q. I fully understand people will eat what is at hand… Read more »


That should read :
“but at least kill the poor thing first before you cook it.”