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Callum runs the Open Source Defence (@OSDefence) twitter account providing regular OSINT-based updates on global defence news, in particular on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. He has a keen interest in aviation and defence and has engaged in the OSINT community for a number of years.

US Central Command declares two Navy Seals deceased

Following a 10-day multinational search operation two US Navy Seals have been declared deceased.

A look at Britain’s second round of strikes against the Houthi

The Royal Air Force recently, for the second time, joined the United States in their eighth round of strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen.

British A400M undertakes types longest flight

A Royal Air Force A400M Atlas transport aircraft has set two new records for the aircraft type en route to Guam to participate in the US-led Exercise Mobility Guardian 2023. 

Britain and Japan sign major defence agreement in London

Britain and Japan have signed the "most significant defence agreement between the two countries in more than a century".

Poland splashes out on Korean arms due to invasion of Ukraine

Poland is set to order more than 3,000 ground vehicles for its Army in the coming years and double the number of troops while it targets spending 5% of its GDP on defence in the future.

Russian heavy bombers over Ukraine – Why?

Recent flights by Russian strategic long-range bombers over the besieged city of Mariupol have drawn significant media attention.