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I am an air power historian interested in the development of tactical air power, the relationship between air forces and the aviation industry and air power and strategy. I have published widely on the development of tactical air power in the Royal Air Force in the Second World War and the efforts of the Air Ministry to rationalise and improve the capabilities of the British aviation industry during the inter-war period.

Why Ukraine is excited about downing two Russian aircraft

The loss of the A-50 and Il-22 are significant blows to Russian military capabilities in Ukraine.

Why Ukraine getting F-16 jets is important

After months of negotiations, Ukraine will be getting the F-16s it has been begging for – here’s why that’s important.

Cost of replacing hardware will change nature of conflict

The amount of ammunition being consumed in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has surpassed all estimates.

History shows why jet fighters are crucial to Ukraine

At present, it appears unlikely that any aircraft given to the Ukrainian military by its allies will be used to attack targets in Russia.

Big defence projects are usually late and over budget – Why?

Big defence projects are usually late and over budget – here’s what we can learn from the build-up to WW2.