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Gerald is an experienced senior manager and consultant within the defence sector and an ex-Royal Navy weapons engineering apprentice. His specialism is covering strategic defence issues of a political nature of both national and international relevance.

Indian fighter jet Tejas enters service after 31 years

The first Tejas fighter squadron has been christened by the Indian Air Force 31 years after the aircraft was first conceived.

Czech President says Britain should defend European borders

Czech President Milos Zeman has suggested that Britain and other EU nation's should send 500 troops to defend European borders.

The Future of the Royal Air Force

With the Strategic Defence and Security Review not being out very long, let's take a look at the effect it will have on our air force.

The Storm Shadow Cruise Missile

Storm Shadow is an air-launched cruise missile designed by British, French and Italian companies. The system is manufactured by MBDA.

A brief guide to the Su-25 Frogfoot

The Sukhoi Su-25 is the mainstay of Russian ground-attack regiments. The type is broadly similar to its American counterpart, A-10.

What is a Strategic Defence and Security Review anyway?

With another Strategic Defence and Security Review due in the coming months this article intends to break down the SDSR process to gain an...

Defence and Security after the 2015 General Election

With the general election results through the future of Defence, Security and Foreign Affairs is now much clearer, especially with a single party majority....
Picture of the front door of 10 Downing Street

Overview of the 2015 General Election Defence Manifestos

In this article we will attempt to provide an unbiased overview of the key elements of each of the main political parties Defence manifestos....