The B-52 had aborted take-off before catching fire and crashing, according to a statement from Pacific Air Force public affairs.

It is understood that all seven crew members safely left the aircraft after the incident at 08:30 local time (22:30 GMT Wednesday) at Andersen Air Force Base.

The B-52 bomber was deployed to the US island territory from North Dakota as part of the US military’s continuous presence in the Pacific.

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Christ that’s horrifying, good that everyone got out. I imagine it’s a long walk to the other end of one of those things.

Tracey-Damo Ward

Thank God the crew are safe

Richard Petch

Huge waste of money there

Ben Carmichael

Who cares about money. People’s lives were are risk.

James Gale

Aircraft can be replaced lives cannot

Damian Halpin

2 planes down in 1 day. Not good 🙁

Kanishk Dhanker

Coincidence Or Conspiracy ?

Damian Halpin

I just hate to think of that saying that things happen in 3s. I hope not.

Charlie Ward

Josh Lamb

Robert Stewart

A terrible shame as above glad crew are OK.

Colin McCourt

Glad all were ok. Planes can always be replaced.

Dan Rolph

Joshua Rolph