Babcock International has announced that it is to open a facility in Busan, South Korea’s second largest city after its capital Seoul.

With a long – standing presence in the country through its Weapons Handling and Launch System (WHLS) design and manufacture contract for the Jangbogo III submarine programme, and work in the commercial marine market, Babcock say they are looking to further invest in the country.

The company will set up a new office facility in the large Port city of Busan; which they say is an ideal location to support Jangbogo III, South Korea’s first indigenous submarine programme, and new business within the wider defence industry. Babcock is working closely with the Busan Metropolitan City Government and the British Embassy to establish its South Korean base with the facility due to be opened within the next few months according to a release.

A key element of Babcock’s in-country investment is to maximise the pool of local engineering talent to champion Babcock’s marine capability and to grow its Korean portfolio. Speaking at an event in Busan with the Busan Metropolitan City Government to announce the new venture Jeff Lewis, Managing Director, Defence Systems Technology, Babcock said:

“Establishing Babcock Korea in Busan will help to support the Jangbogo III programme and will give us access to local skills to support our supply chain, manufacturing and contract activities.

The new site will also provide a platform to seek new opportunities in Korea, predominantly in the marine defence industry but also in other areas where Babcock has capability.

We are delighted to be working closely with Busan City Government which has shown great support and encouragement for us to base ourselves in the city and we look forward to growing our presence in Korea.”

In the latter part of 2017 Babcock announced that it had successfully secured a seven year contract with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) to continue the manufacture and delivery of WHLS equipment for the South Korean Jangbogo III submarine programme, third boat set. The WHLS features an air turbine pump (ATP) and programmable firing valve (PFV) launch system and is based on the principles used in the WHLS supplied by Babcock.


    • Next up – UK leases territory from Oman for new Military Facilities (I know we already have GCHQ stations and access to Port facilities, but still)

    • 1) I think the rest of the world would have something to say if the UK tried to Establish a new Empire
      2) This is happening whilst we are a member of the EU
      3) So bollards to Brexit!

      • Fedaykin, please learn to take a joke and not take obvious sarcasm so seriously.

        And Brexit would be going fine if the politicians united behind the result of the vote to get the best deal for the UK. Instead we have Labour and rebel Tories, in many cases against the majority vote of their own constituents, blocking every attempt to make progress.

        All of it just reinforces the crass lack of democratic principle that they should abide by. But that’s the beauty of the system. They can and likely will be voted out, the same that cannot be said of the EU, where the power resides totally in the hands of unelected commissioners and beuracrats who all laugh and titter at the puppet EU ‘parliament’ which makes a mockery of the word because it’s MEPs cannot even put forward or vote to revoke legislation, only sign the papers that the Commision put in front of them.

        THAT is what you are defending Fedaykin.

  1. The bloated numpties on here would run away if they had to face a Russian. When you have fought in a war, you learn that there is no honour in killing or being killed. I learned my lesson first hand. Now is the time for change.

    • It everyone’s democratic right to bitch and moan if they think a decision is a bad one, people can a will keep campaigning against a decision they don’t like, as far as I’m concerned the hunt lobby can lobby, the brexiters can request surgical excision from Europe and remainers can try and remain.

      It’s all fine, no one one is absolutly right, no one absolutely wrong (unless you are inciting violence or subjugating the rule of law) it’s democracy, it’s our way, a democratic votes is valid only until we decide to have another vote, personally I think we should have a vote on our relationship with the EU around every decacade ( and I mean every decade no matter our status, in or out or half way up) we vote for our government every 5 or so same principle should apply to supra state bodies.

      I love the vote, freedom to bitch and responcibility to find stuff out and make what I think is the best decision.


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