BAE Systems and Elbit Systems of America have teamed up to develop and integrate advanced operational capabilities for U.S Army combat vehicles.

BAE say that the arrangement is focused on validating and integrating new technologies on combat vehicle systems to deliver advanced warfighting capabilities.

“BAE Systems is an industry leader in the design, integration, production, and support of innovative combat vehicles. Elbit America is a world leader in the design and integration of advanced turret solutions. This teaming arrangement will explore crew automation, vehicle protection systems, and other defensive and offensive systems for integration into turrets of various cannon calibers and supporting weapon systems for combat vehicles.”

“BAE Systems and Elbit America are investing in transformational combat vehicle technologies and turret solutions that will greatly enhance the lethality and survivability of next-generation combat vehicles for the U.S. and international militaries,” said Jim Miller, director of business development at BAE Systems.

“Our relationship demonstrates a commitment to provide our customers with solutions for future battlefields based on our collective combat vehicle expertise.”

BAE Systems and Elbit America say they will leverage their experience for the evaluation, demonstration, and validation of multiple mission payloads and capabilities for the next generation of combat systems.

“The Elbit America team is excited to partner with BAE Systems and for the opportunities that come with that relationship,” said Ridge Sower, vice president of ground combat and precision targeting at Elbit Systems of America.

“Our broad portfolio of mission-enhancing solutions and technologies, coupled with BAE Systems’ proven track record for providing highly effective combat systems, will greatly benefit warfighters as they face new challenges and needs.”

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Sorry to hear our friends across the pond are suffering through yet another lockdown. Unfortunately lockdowns do nothing as shown by the last ones but destroy the economy. Wish people would just wash their hands and stop sticking their fingers in their eyes, nose, ect. I guess that is too much to ask of people these days…..

Robert Blay

I think we’ll leave it to the medical and scientific experts to advise whats best



Mark B

Yep we like short lockdown from time to time. I wish we had the stamina you guys have got? How many months have you spent on the election so far?


pity there is no like button because that would get one!!!!

Ian M.


Geoffrey Roach

Meanwhile in the UK, can we afford 2 Challie’s or a Leopard or 3.5 Warriors This is the fourth army project I have seen Bae involved in in as many weeks. The problem is, they’re all for the US army.


There is no US Army contract involved. This is BAE America and Elbit America combining to do some spec work in hopes of selling it to the US Army.

Geoffrey Roach

I don’t want to nick pick but where is the word “contract” in my blog?

Geoffrey Roach

Whoops…don’t know where nick pick came from.,Nitpick,of course.


Basically getting Israeli FCS expertise.
Now what about an APS?


Lack of in service APS even in small numbers if frustrating. The MOD has been evaluating them for well over a decade now. It feels like they have no intention of selecting one until after its proven we need one. Thankfully we did not face many ATGM’s in Iraq and Afghanistan and the number crunchers where confident the cage armour was sufficient for RPG’s


It is worrying because infantry needs to train to get out of its action zone.


I know everyone in the UK hammers BAE, but our ‘buy anything but BAE’ strategy for land equipment seems to have backfired immensely with £6bn worth of problematic Ajax, a very expensive Warrior upgrade (with half the vehicles) and some very pricey Boxers. So thats equipment that doesnt work, is very expensive and/or we havent got any of the high end design work for…..

peter wait

Seems Mays husbands fund had large investment in Lockheed Martin, don’t know who had a vested interest in CTA 40, however anyone who read the American 1996 defence report into the 200 million dollars they spent on CTA would not have bought it. BAE made the Terrier overcomplicated and expensive to maintain, this maybe because Generals like high tec’ project legacies. At the end of the day it just dig’s holes and the whole remote control thing was stupid waste of money. CV90 was a better bet and the Swedish 40 mm gun is proven to work !