BAE Systems and AMS Integrated Solutions Ltd have committed to working together to offer support for artillery systems being used in Ukraine and produced by BAE Systems.

During a visit to Kyiv, the two companies signed an agreement that will enable them to offer specialised artillery systems support directly to Ukrainian armed forces from within Ukraine.

Under the agreement, the BAE Systems and AMS team will offer repair and support services for artillery systems donated by the UK Government. AMS would use existing maintenance centres in Ukraine, where it employs Ukrainian engineers.

BAE Systems teams with AMS to reinforce support of artillery systems in Ukraine

“We have many years of experience in supporting our products all over the world, sometimes in very challenging environments. We’re proud to be able to bring that knowledge and expertise, combined with AMS’s capabilities and in-country facilities, to support our products in-service with the Ukrainian armed forces,” said John Borton, managing director of the Weapon Systems UK business for BAE Systems.

Gary Riordan, CEO of AMS, said:

“At AMS, we are honoured to join forces with BAE Systems in reinforcing our commitment to support Ukraine’s war effort. Our partnership signifies a union of expertise and dedication, leveraging BAE Systems’ extensive experience in manufacturing artillery systems and our proven track record in Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services. This collaboration allows us to utilise our in-country facilities and skilled engineers to rapidly restore critical artillery equipment, ensuring the resilience and readiness of Ukraine’s defence capabilities.”

Major General Anna-Lee Reilly, Director DE&S Operations, UK Ministry of Defence, said:

“I am delighted to see BAE Systems partner with AMS Integrated Solutions Ltd to repair and maintain vital artillery systems being operated by the armed forces of Ukraine inside Ukrainian borders. This continues to demonstrate the UK’s unwavering support to the people of Ukraine.”

Both BAE Systems and AMS have significant proven expertise in the support of medium and large calibre weapon systems. BAE Systems originally manufactured a significant proportion of the equipment that the UK and other governments have provided to Ukraine.

AMS already has an agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence to repair platforms in use in Ukraine and have established facilities in country to carry out this work.

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David Lloyd
David Lloyd (@guest_775494)
5 months ago

Given the amount of heavy use artillery gets in UkR, I expect barrels need replacing and probably other critical elements too. Looks like everybody is gearing up for a long war.

FormerUSAF (@guest_775536)
5 months ago
Reply to  David Lloyd

Eventual evolution of BAES operations into a separate subsidiary and profit center in UKR? Corporations beginning to make longer-term plans and commitments. 🤔

Andrew D
Andrew D (@guest_775564)
5 months ago
Reply to  David Lloyd

Seeing Putin on the news the other day your right the man has no intention of stopping this crazy war .

Jonathan (@guest_775510)
5 months ago

I’m assuming this is pro bono work supported by HMG.

Paul.P (@guest_775572)
5 months ago

Does this presage the transfer of the remaining AS90s and their replacement by Archer? And does it suggest that Ukraine might get the Brave Heart upgrade that the UK decided against?

Sam (@guest_779224)
5 months ago
Reply to  Paul.P

You’d really hope this is the case. They already have some Archers come into service and a full replacement would make total logical sense.

Jonno (@guest_776314)
5 months ago

Do we still make to 105mm towed gun? I’m interested why we dont have a 120mm towed gun. As the standard tank ammunition it seems it would make sense.