ANAKONDA 2018, a Polish-led multinational exercise, has completed its first week say NATO.
The exercise involves around 12,500 troops in Poland and approximately 5,000 troops in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The exercise is designed to demonstrate the interoperability of the Polish Armed Forces with participating troops from 10 NATO Allies: Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and United States.
“This exercise is an opportunity to present the readiness of the Polish Armed Forces and our Allies to operate within the complex, contemporary, multidomain environment. Conducted in Poland and in the Baltic States, ANAKONDA is the venue for the certification of the Multinational Division North East”, said Major General Tomasz Piotrowski, Commander of Polish Armed Forces Operational Command.

The Multinational Division North East coordinates activities of NATO’s defensive multinational battlegroups deployed in the Baltic states and Poland. This includes coordinating training and increasing situational awareness in the region.

Key training events of ANAKONDA included river crossings, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence, military medicine, and live-firings by Polish and US troops.


  1. Considering Novichok use by Russia against civilians in a foreign NATO country I would say the use of biological or Chemical weapons by Russia in any conflict to be highly likely.
    They probably already are as guilty as hell for delivering these banned WMD in Syria. Therefore already guilty of crimes against humanity. NATO needs to dust off its resilience plans and invest heavily in the area of NBC protection and warfighting. Maybe the Germans, who are reluctant to put boots on the ground, tanks in the field, planes in the air or ships on the sea as part of NATO could give a one off payment to NATO of say £39 billion. Same as our BREXIT bill. To be better prepare NATO and the alliance to counter WMD.
    After all if Germany is a laughing stock in terms of military capability they can’t least finance those countries defending them. I would also like to see type 31 frigate Atlantic escort class and 2x replacements for Ocean “Auxillary escort carriers” funded by EU nations not willing or able to deploy forces to their own defence.

      • To be fair to Mr Bell, this is a forum inviting comments about this subject. Don’t be too concerned if he/she then provides such comments.

      • Riga….. Hmm nice Russian name- what’s the weather like in Moscow currently? No need to have airfix soldiers thanks. Billy the fish- not concerned at all. it makes me chortle to get some of the responses evident on this website. I was being more than a little tongue in check about the issue of Germany’s laughable support for NATO and how the burden seems to always fall on USA and UK.


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