WATCH: Brazilian naval exercise sees former HMS Battleaxe sink former HMS Brazen


Brazilian Navy Operation MISSILEX 2017 was marked by the sinking of a former Royal Navy warship by a former Royal Navy warship.

HMS Battleaxe was a Type 22 frigate and was sold to the Brazilian Navy on 30 April 1997 and renamed Rademaker. Her sister, HMS Brazen was also asold to Brazil and renamed Bosísio.

The main part of the exercise was the Exocet missile firing by Rademaker but the video also shows another frigate firing an Exocet, one of Niterói class.

Bosísio was struck with missiles and bombs from aircraft as well as cannon fire, according to the video.

The Type 22 Broadsword class was a class of frigate built for the Royal Navy with fourteen of the class built in total and production divided into three batches.

HMS Cornwall was the last Royal Navy Type 22 frigate, retired from service on 30 June 2011.

Seven ships of the earlier batches have been sold to Brazil, Romania and Chile. Six of these remain in service and one was sold for scrap. Of the decommissioned vessels, two were sunk as targets, and five sold for scrap.

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Old ships 91-93


After all these yeas it makes me sad to see my old ship go down like that ? Time stands still for no man (or ship).

Stuart Luck

Very sad ending to my old ship