A 19-year-old from Brighton has been found guilty of 11 terrorism-related offences, announced Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE).

Mason Reynolds of Moulsecoomb Way was convicted following a trial at Winchester Crown Court.

Reynolds faced one count of possessing an article for the purpose of terrorism, under Section 57 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Additionally, he admitted to five counts of collecting information useful to terrorism and five counts of disseminating terrorist publications, under Sections 58 and 2 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and 2006, respectively.

The arrest occurred on June 27, 2023, after officers discovered detailed plans on Reynolds’ phone for an attack on a synagogue near Brighton. The plans included surveillance details of the synagogue’s security features and a video from Google maps showcasing the location. Notably, Reynolds had also recorded key Jewish holidays.

Further investigation revealed Reynolds’ participation in an online group sharing neo-Nazi materials and content that was extreme right-wing and encouraged acts of terrorism. Devices belonging to Reynolds contained anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi materials, including manuals on bomb-making.

CTPSE charged Reynolds on July 3, 2023, and he is scheduled for sentencing on June 14, 2024.

Detective Chief Superintendent Olly Wright, head of CTPSE, commented on the severity of the case and stressed the impact of public vigilance, noting, “What you may consider insignificant could be a key piece of information to us. It could be as simple as a change in behaviour of the people you know and love.”

Tom has spent the last 13 years working in the defence industry, specifically military and commercial shipbuilding. His work has taken him around Europe and the Far East, he is currently based in Scotland.
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Tomartyr (@guest_816990)
22 hours ago

“What you may consider insignificant could be a key piece of information to us. It could be as simple as a change in behaviour of the people you know and love.”

So report your friends and family over changes in behaviour?

John (@guest_816992)
22 hours ago
Reply to  Tomartyr

Snitch culture started earnestly during Covid. Encouraged by Johnson et al. Imagine a family member with a big grudge. Then having the popo all over your case. It happens, this stuff just makes it more legitimate in the eyes of some.

Lonpfrb (@guest_817096)
16 hours ago
Reply to  John

So much like the lock down party media panic it’s essential for Counter Terrorism Policing South East to act professionally with critical thinking and an open mind to the motivation of all participants.

When Constabulary Duty is to be done …

Jonathan (@guest_817192)
9 hours ago
Reply to  Tomartyr

The ministry of love wants you to share everything..only then can we all know our thoughts are pure.

Gareth (@guest_817240)
1 hour ago
Reply to  Jonathan

A while ago at work we were sent a site wide email from HR asking us to report “microaggressions” on our colleagues. They also sent round another with an artistic motif celebrating EDI to ask for our feedback and I was sorely tempted to add a grey pyramid in the.background with Ministry of Love written on it. I expect few in the HR office would’ve got the reference.

Paul.P (@guest_817238)
1 hour ago
Reply to  Tomartyr

We have the Stasi in my village. You can spot them in the hi-vis vests with hair dryers disguised as speeding vigilantes.

JohnG (@guest_817172)
11 hours ago

UK gov is desperate to equate “far right” terrorism with islamic terrorism when they are simply not on the same scale. I mention this as I feel articles like this on being put on a defence website are playing to this same music sheet. Partly I feel the gov does this to further demonise people who are against mass immigration. Partly I feel it’s done to try and diminish those who are aware of the many problems with islam. Native neo nazi Jew hating Brits are an insignificant minority. Yes it’s bad and yes the few morons who commit related… Read more »

Jonathan (@guest_817195)
8 hours ago
Reply to  JohnG

You say that..and they said that in new Zealand right up until a right wing extremist walked into a mosque and shot dead 51 people. Since 2019 Germany has had more people killed by far right terror attacks than any other ( 3 fatal events)…. as you say Neo Nazis are a very small group..but in reality in the Uk so are Muslim extremists…but anyone of them is a potential extreme threat.. We also have to remember as a movement the far right are gaining ground…Russia is now a far right nationalist state…it’s gaining ground in Hungary..so it’s creating state… Read more »

Joe16 (@guest_817259)
50 seconds ago
Reply to  Jonathan

10 years ago, in this country, focus was effectively solely on Muslim terrorism and nothing on anything else.
I’m against both, and I think that both have no place in our society, but spreading the focus away from 99.99% Islamic terrorism is not a bad thing.