The Second Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, are to take part in a military exercise south-west of Alexandria, Egypt.

The purpose of the exercise, say the British Army, is to combine and share tactical skills with the Egyptian 112 Infantry Brigade.

“Exercise Ahmose 1, the first of its kind and involving over 150 British military personnel, is set to last a month. During this time the soldiers will be put through their paces whilst undergoing several scenarios – involving urban operations, close quarter battle, and an exhaustive live firing package.Photo 10-03-2019, 12 21 03.jpg

The exercise will culminate in a complex company live fire attack, involving over 100 infantry soldiers, over harsh terrain, being supported by mortars, machine guns and snipers.

On completion of the exercise, C Company Group will be greeted by a VIP contingent comprising of high ranking officials from around the globe. The UK’s own Commander British Forces Cyprus, Major General James Illingworth OBE will also be in attendance to no doubt congratulate the troops on a job well done.”

The company will then travel back to Alexander Barracks in Cyprus where they will join the rest of the Battalion, who are based there.

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Gavin Gordon
Gavin Gordon (@guest_457464)
2 years ago

I wonder what’s behind this. Is it the first since Suez?

JohnG (@guest_457663)
2 years ago
Reply to  Gavin Gordon

A bit of soft diplomacy I suppose Gavin. God knows how well it works, but at least it will be a bit of a jolly for the troops.

Bill Kenny
Bill Kenny (@guest_457499)
2 years ago

A complex, live firing Company attack, oh yes! On you go the Angle Irons, go noisy and get in there.

keithdwat (@guest_457668)
2 years ago

Time to take back the Sudan!

Levi Goldsteinberg
Levi Goldsteinberg (@guest_457914)
2 years ago
Reply to  keithdwat

I’d prefer the Suez back after it was stolen by these bastards

Keithdwat (@guest_457925)
2 years ago

Well I mean it is their country! But yes it should never of left British hands, the Americans screwed us over there! A decision Eisenhower later regretted, especially after Nassar went commie! How amazing would it be if the west still controlled Suez! And Panama! And of course Gibraltar! And controlled the straight of Malacca!
That is global influence!

Iqbal (@guest_459591)
2 years ago
Reply to  Keithdwat

Keith, shut your mouth.

The days of Empire are long gone. It’s the time in the sun for the Chinese and Indians. Time we gracefully retreated from world policeman role. We can’t afford it anyway and the British people don’t want constant foreign interventions that keep going wrong.

Hold on to the Suez? You crazy? The Egyptians have a far far larger and better equipped army. We only have an an a race in training. They would bitch slap us all the way out of the Middke East if we tried anything.