The Scottish Ambulance Service are sharing a British Army facility in Cambuslang in Glasgow in order to deal with COP26.

It is understood that the Army Reserve Centre facility will serve as a temporary hub for the Scottish Ambulance Service in order to help them deploy personnel and equipment around Greater Glasgow during the COP26 UN Climate Change Summit which is expected to cause significant travel disruption in the centre of the city.

To that end, the Army Reserve Centre in Cambuslang now hosts the ‘Carmyle Deployment Centre’ and ambulances as well as support infrastructure.

For clarity, Army Reserve Centres are where Reservists meet for their regular training sessions and many also serve as locations to store military equipment.

Image George Allison

The Scottish Ambulance Service COP26 Planning Team recently recruited a ‘Logistics and Fleet Manager’ to be based at the COP26 Deployment Centre. What will they be overseeing?

“Reporting to the COP26 Planning Manager, the successful candidate will have responsibility for leading a small team of Logistics Operatives based at COP26 Deployment Centre as well as managing all of central logistics and fleet operations for COP26 during event planning and delivery phase.

The successful candidate will have responsibility for developing and implementing a system for the robust and effective management of all aspects of COP26 fleet and logistics including vehicle servicing and maintenance schedules, stock ordering, receipt and distribution and inventories.”

Who is normally based at the Army Reserve Centre in Cambuslang?

The Scottish Transport Regiment is the only regiment of the RLC based in Scotland. It’s role is to provide general transport support for the British Army. In addition it is closely linked with 7 Regiment RLC and provides trained manpower to support them in conducting operations around the world.

In recent years it has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and with the United Nations in Cyprus.


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Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli
21 days ago

Ah, the good old ARCs. I’ve still never got round to finding all of them! Given it a good go, there are hundreds.

Anorak! 😂

Monkey spanker
Monkey spanker
21 days ago

this may have been the base that was used to film The tv series gary tank commander.

Monkey spanker
Monkey spanker
21 days ago

Add into ur list army cadet centres and the list is huge. If u like metal bunk beds, rubber mattresses and a cheap bar these are perfect