The British Army have issued facemasks to all service personnel, reservists and civil servants working amongst Army units.

These masks will help to protect against a potential second spike in Covid19 or a surge during the winter months.

“Every individual has received a pack containing three masks, two khaki green and one black. These have been made specifically for the Army. Each mask is washable up to 30 times and is expected to last a minimum of two months. These have been purpose made for the Army.”

The initial batch of masks have been prioritised to be issued to 16 Air Assault Brigade as they are the United Kingdom’s global response force, ready for anything, anywhere.

On the 27th July 2020 The 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles collected their allocation of masks from 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC in Merville Barrack, Colchester.

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And toilet paper as well I hear.

Daniele Mandelli



Well, it was either camo or the pink and yellow Laura Ashley…well chase me!!

john melling

And I bet they have neutral colours for those non-binarys.


Hopefully they won’t be issued inside a McNugget 😂😂😆

john melling

God, you saw that too
As someone who works in a kitchen, I am trying to understand how that would happen?!
It’s big and bright enough to see


Hi John…pretty revolting…almost as bad as finding a used condom in your salad. If there are regular users of fast food outlets on here then this is a good reason for giving up…


Well I suppose it’s less offensive than the mouses arse that they found in a fillofish a few years back….

john melling

Are they to hide from Defence cuts?


Seems very sensible to me. Perhaps the RAMC should get them first because I can see UK Field Hospitals deploying to Commonwealth countries to help with Covid quite soon. If the Commonwealth means anything the richer countries (UK, Canada, Australia & NZ) may need to step up soon to help the poorer ones.


Unless the masks conform to a recognised clinical standard then it’s a bad idea, and purely cosmetic, just like most fabric masks


Stop flapping captain mainwaring, Jesus.


I hate to even take a guess at how much each mask cost. lol

Btw masks do very little. Only effective for people who are sick and coughing so they don’t spread it. Does virtually nothing for the other 99% of people that aren’t sick since. Real experts, not the fake ones on the TV and social media say a healthy person wearing a masks even might be more at risks since it gives people a false sense of safety.

Richard Wright

A healthy person wearing a mask facing an infected person wearing a mask is 90% protected against contracting COVID-19. A healthy person with no mask facing an infected person with a mask is only 40% protected. Mask please. And as for false sence of security if healthy people are wearing masks, erm, if that’s what someone believes, then it isnt a false sence, it is a real and present sence….. of stupidity.



Nigel Brown

There have been mtp camouflage face masks on eBay for weeks

Chris Green

Would these be the same face masks with ear loop fastenings that the NHS have just rejected?


They look quite well designed & quite well made. The fit over the cheeks looks good which is where so many masks seem to bow outwards and not seal properly especially those square pleated paper surgical masks. (We’re all becoming mask connoisseurs now!) Please excuse my appalling ignorance, I’m on this site to try and learn more about our armed forces, but what is that big watch on the guy’s wrist? Is it something he would have chosen himself or does the Army have a standard issue watch as part of a soldier’s kit? If the latter then is it… Read more »


You dont get issued watches pal, wouldve bought it himself garmin or suunto looks like


In the 60’s and early 70’s it was the Smith’s W10 model, followed by the Hamilton W10 in the mid 70’s, then the Cabot W10. All look pretty much the same and I’m sure that’s what was still in service when I left in 93′. Good sturdy timekeeper. Not sure what they use today but I dont think militaries like electronic or digital as they are susceptible to emp destinations (I believe).


That should read detonations not destinations. You could check out the Cabot Watch Company or CWC to get an idea.

Harry Bulpit

As far as I’m aware the army don’t issue watches so it’s personal preference.


Back in the day (WW2) they did a Rolex Oyster for the army, probably worth a few Bob now for anyone who managed to keep there hands on one. Watches were always regarded as a stated item when in the 70’s so you could end up in the poo if you lost one.


That should read Stared Item.


Only an Omega for some RNVR FAA pilots.


Yes, they do. The good old ‘G1098 watch’ – signed for from the QM’s Dept.


It’s a Suunto. You can buy them when you go on tour or off eBay etc. They are just good watches for runs and general military stuff.


Thanks for the answers guys.


The stores do have watches but many prefer to buy there own because it’s not worth having the QM breathing down your neck once a month about it cos he’s lost the paper work again.
That’s about it.


Many months ago, the sciencedaily website posted an item on the best home made mask. The American chemical society tested them in laboratory conditions. The best was one layer of cotton + 2 layers polyester chiffon. Each fabric stops a different droplet size, so you need 2 different fabrics.


I would love to know how much they paid for them


I love the math on this one…30 washes lasts 2 months with 3 masks issued. If we say a month is 30 days so 60 days to go through your three masks with a total of 90 washes…that’s 1.5 mask washes per day….or otherwise known as…….yuk……. Your not meant to constantly re use the same mask without washing it, you should be taking it off and popping it strait in the wash ( or securing it in a bag and washing your hands when you take it out later to wash )after every use ( you need to think of… Read more »


Just use your respirator. Far more effective & already issued.


Remember the small face mask you got issued with along with your S10, I wonder what happened to all the stocks of them we had?