As part of the national response to Coronavirus, the British Army suspended most training activity in March.

The Army however say they have now commenced the phased re-start of training across its training establishments, having ensured they are equipped and ready to begin training soldiers again.

“While some training has been made available remotely, any interruption in training has the potential to impact Army numbers. In order to protect the nation, we need to ensure we have enough soldiers trained to continue operations and other essential tasks. Essential training has continued in order to maintain critical operational outputs.

Where this is necessary, such activity has been conducted in line with Government guidance as far as possible. The safety and welfare of our personnel remains paramount and we are taking appropriate measures to mitigate any risks as far as possible, this may include isolation for a period before training. We have put measures in place to safeguard and reduce the risks to our people and their families as far as possible.”

Current timings for the resumption of our training according to the British Army website are as follows:

  • Resume Army Basic Training at reduced capacity on 11 May
  • Restart Sandhurst (RMAS) training with a single intake on 17 May
  • Restart Army Reserves basic training from 29 May
  • Restart trade training (Regular and Reserves) not before 11 May
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The CH2 picture reminds me of the latest CH2 LEP. I found a video of the Rhine Metall proposal, that showed more than just still photos had. I thought the BAE Black Knight looked good, but surely the German’s new turret is the only way to go? The 120mm gun would be a game-changer, though the British Army’s favourite ‘Shape’ would be a thing of the past… only works with rifled guns….yes? The all-new turret would be expensive, however, even if the MOD went with the Black Knight only 150 -200 or so would be purchased That said, I believe… Read more »


My guess this program will get kicked into the long grass, following the pandemic, there just won’t be the money for it or anything else.

If you think how bad the banking crisis was, and the corresponding defense cuts, this time it is likely to be 10x ,if not more so. The cost to the government keeping all the businesses afloat is going to make the banking crisis look like a really mild blip.


Steve, I don’t know if you read some of my previous blogs of doom, but they pretty much match what you have said. The most critical spending for the UK Government, will be on NHS and medical logistics. Once they have been established, what is left will be up for grabs? Having endured years of austerity the prospect of facing more for the foreseeable future, is a depressing prospect, but what can we expect to be saved from the inevitable defence cuts? I think the QE Class will remain at sea but there is a good chance that service rotation… Read more »


Tempest was already a dead duck. It needed Japan/Sweden to join the team to make the numbers even vaguely viable. My guess the cuts will be under the surface, so upgrade programs will be cut / go back into consultation for a few years, and any purchases will not happen, The t26 is at risk with only 3 currently being ordered, my guess the total will be cut to 6. T31 is already done, although i can imagine the final contract negotiations will be pushed back a year to delay the release of funds and for sure the 2nd batch… Read more »


The fulcrum the UK Government could use to justify defence cuts, will be the fact that many countries will be forced to do likewise? That could actually increase the risk of conflict, rather than lessen the threat? Maybe, if there is a conflict that it would be a short-lived engagement, where the current military balance might just be adequate?


Nah we will definitely get 8 type 26 frigates, it’s the bare minimum we need. We have far to few frigates as it is. I however bet a follow on order of type 31s has vanished into dust though! We really needed an extra 3 or 5 31s.

Meirion X

I agree 8 is bare minimum for T26, you only see what happens with only 6 T45s, when 2 or more go into maintenance or refit.


What we need and what we will get is two whole different questions. I would mirror the above that 6 T45 is not sufficient numbers to always have enough available for a task group, but 6 is what we got.


Well the Armys first UK division will have 3 Armoured infantry brigades each with three sabre squadrons of 18 challenger tanks each, so that’s 54 tanks per Brigade so that’s a total of 162 tanks in the British army, minus training spares ect!! What’s the dam point! However having been in the middle of a Battlegroup 50 tanks and other infintary vehicles look far more powerfull and bigger than it sounds. But 162 tanks in future looks like the number, I’m hoping I’m wrong though.


Also is it wise replacing challenger twos with Ajax like what’s being done to some of our armoured regiments?

Daniele Mandelli

No. It’s not. But its a cut nothing more.

One Regiment is re roling to Ajax from CH2.

Thus is part of the restructuring seeing the 3 planned Ajax Regiments rise to 4.

Daniele Mandelli

Hi Cam.

3rd UK Division. Not 1st.

The 3 Armoured Infantry is the current ORBAT. It’s changing to 2 Armoured Infantry and 2 “Strike” which are in effect glorified under armed mechanized brigades.

160 modern tanks is more than sufficient for 2 Regiments, plus spares and training vehicles, which is what is currently scheduled.


Hi Daniele hope alls well, Thanks it’s hard to remember the so many changes happening to the British army. Yeah 160 is enough for two regiments but enough for a nation like The UK!, I’m not sure. But gladly I’m not seeing any “Blitzkrieg” Battles of Kursk type tank battles anytime soon so we might not ever need large tank numbers anyway or self propelled guns, (we hope) after loosing 40% of one and 35% of the other in recent years.

Daniele Mandelli

Traditionally it was never enough, course not.

I remember when I first started studying the military BAOR had around 900! In, i think,13 Armoured Regiments.

Now, would I lose airborne ISTAR, T31, RFA assets, LPD, RM, carriers, SSN, and other key enablers for a few hundred more MBT? Nope.

I hope the update goes ahead, and we get the Tanks at the numbers suggested. There are other priorities.

Daniele Mandelli

Oh, and SP Guns? I’d prioritise them over Tanks, with mountains of smart munitions and MLRS.

The West seems to have forgotten Artillery is King of the battlefield. Russia hasn’t forgotten. Not with their history.


The under 45s are a low risk group.
Training outdoors is a lower risk than indoors.
People with low levels of vitamin D seem to be a higher mortality risk to C-19, than those with good levels of vitamin D. Perhaps knock off the days training at 5pm for 30-40 minutes sunbathing?


Yeah I don’t know why the goverent will not just come out and lift restrictions in households under 45 but make it perfectly clear house holds with people over 45 where high risk at high risk and keep socially distancing. If they want to break the rules then they are only putting themselves at risk.
Self preservation will give them an incentive to follow the rules.

Liam Fuller

So does this mean assessment centres will resime?