British Army soldiers currently deployed on a training exercise in Central America are now supporting disaster relief efforts in Belize as they provide aid and rescue stranded locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Eta.

The British Army say, after receiving a request for aid from the Belize government, commanders planned a rapid deployment on 7th November 2020 to rural areas cut off by the heavy rains.

“Task Force BATSUB, made-up of elements of A Squadron Group, The Royal Dragoon Guards, consisting of soldiers from The Royal Dragoon Guards, Royal Lancers and 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland deployed from British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) base (Price Barracks) to San Ignacio on trucks to navigate the floodwater and assist the local authorities. Providing planning and medical advice, moving vulnerable people to safety, distributing food and water, clearing debris and using sandbags as flood defences are all key tasks.”

Lt Col Simon Nichols, Commander BATSUB, said:

“It is not wasted on me that we are guests in this beautiful country and when our hosts ask and need a little support, it is great to be able to lean-in and assist.  Hurricane Eta, the torrential rains and subsequent floods that followed have impacted so-many people across the region.  Like the motto of our Belize Defence Force (BDF) colleagues, we stand “Shoulder to Shoulder” with them as we bring some relief to a beleaguered population.”

The British troops are deployed on Exercise Mayan Warrior, to learn how to survive in the harsh and demanding conditions of the jungle.

“Adaptable and always ready for a challenge, The Royal Dragoon Guards have quickly switched focus to plan their support to the Belize Defence Force.  The team on the ground have analysed the risks and conducted extra training to prepare for the demands of the rescue effort.”

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One of the benefits of remaining in the Queens Realm!

john melling

Doe’s the BDF or BATSUB have any helicopters stationed there or only when the RN turns up 🚁 ?

Ryan Brewis

Wikipedia says the BDF have a couple of Bell helicopters. I think the AAC flight there was withdrawn a while before Lynx was retired.


Was in Price Barracks a few years ago. No UK Air Assets station there full time, but can confirm that the BDF has a few Huey’s… even have a picture of a BDF chap using a rope ladder to “slow rope” down from one into Price Barracks somewhere.

Barry Larking

Well done everyone. Best wishes.