Meggitt has been awarded a contract worth up to $37 million from General Dynamics Land Systems.

The contract is to provide the Auxiliary Cooling and Power System for the Abrams Programme. According to the firm:

“This system provides both auxiliary cooling and exportable power to the Tank with the main turbine engine shut down and supports a recent award from the US Government.”

Meggitt has produced over 2,480 Thermal Management Systems for the Abrams Program which provide active cooling to Abrams upgraded electronics and crew.

Meggitt also supplies the heating, venting and air conditioning system for the General Dynamics Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) Programme, in Canada.

Earlier in the year, Meggitt won a contract to supply $323m worth of wheels, brakes and other parts to the US military.

The company, known for specialising in high performance components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets, was awarded a five year Indefinite Demand/Indefinite Quantity agreement with US Defence Logistics Agency to supply wheels, brakes and related spare parts.

The contract, worth $323m over the life of the award, covers the supply of depot-level spares for a number of defence platforms including F-16 Falcon, H-60 Blackhawk and CH-47 Chinook.

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2 years ago

This company is becoming too successful, I wonder how long it will remain a ‘British company’. I note its structure is becoming more centralised making it easier to accept a bid no doubt. Reminds me of Racal, grows substantially becomes world class, takes the money and disappears as an entity and national champion. Or am I being too cynical.

James Harrington
James Harrington
2 years ago
Reply to  Spyinthesky

its called being pragmatic and probably accurate