British paratroopers are working alongside their Jordanian counterparts during training on the desert plains of Jordan, say the MoD.

Exercise Olive Grove has seen Colchester-based B Company, 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment working with 3rd Company, 81st Battalion of the Mohammed Bin Zayed Quick Reaction Force Brigade.

According to a release:

“The four-week-long training is about building the British and Jordanian troops’ readiness for operations in the demanding conditions of the desert, and sharing each other’s hard-earned skills.

2 PARA – as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade – and the Mohammed Bin Zayed Quick Reaction Force Brigade serve as their respective army’s rapid reaction forces, a shared role which makes for a natural relationship between the soldiers.”

Major Robin Rowell, Officer Commanding B Coy, 2 PARA, said:

“Exercise Olive Grove is all about partnership, and both the British and Jordanian units will come away with improved capabilities. Starting from individual soldiers and building towards both companies working side-by-side, we’ve understood more about the kit and tactics we each use and learnt from each other.

The desert is very austere and inhospitable terrain that has really tested our paratroopers, and the Jordanians have taught us how to use what cover there is and the need to bring more firepower into the fight on such open ground.

We’re both high readiness units and could be called into action quickly, which creates a real bond between our soldiers. We’ve made friends on the football pitch and the Jordanians organised an evening of traditional food and dancing for us, which was very enjoyable – that cultural understanding means we’re better able to operate with troops from the Middle East in the future.”

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Alex T

Nice one! 🙂


gosh you made me blush

David Steeper

Rear gunner it took me about 60 seconds to get your joke ! Actually strangely proud it took me that long !

captain P Wash.

Wouldn’t catch me Entering Jordan, At Any “Price”.

Ain’t being funny but, What a Total Bimbo Brained Idiot She Is. Just Why “We” made her so Rich just because of her Lard Arsed Sized Boobs, I’ll never know.

David Steeper

LOL. When music was music and men were men ! And the sheep were nervous ! Sorry couldn’t resist that.


How many paratroopers does the British Army have?


3 battalions plus a reserve battalion. One of the regular battalions supports the special forces.


Thanks, but how many men does that equate to? I see some wide ranging figures for how many men are in a battalion.

David Steeper

600 ish ! Double that with cooks and bottle washers.


Up to 2,000. Some other troops are para trained too but not officially paras


Makes an interesting change from Salisbury or Germany, in winter?

Steve Taylor

The desert is very austere and inhospitable terrain………..gosh.


I heard the DZ was going to be onto two plastic mountains, but the plans were rapidly altered after one para accidentally popped one with his size 10s.


Hi antidote.. Not easy to know the exact personnel numbers, but i guess if each battalion had 400 – 500 paras would add up to somewhere around 1,600 – 2,000 personnel if you include the reserve. But would be interesting to know the exact numbers.

Nite all !!!


Cheers. I see some figures saying that there are upto a 1000 men in a battlion, so could make quite a difference.

If there are 1600-2000, then the numbers need upping big time. They need to be in line with the marines I reckon.


Hi again.. Could even be over 600 personnel.. Officers and other ranks per battalion (Regular) Not sure about reserves numbers. Found a few details after a little bit of searching.

Nite !!! ZZZZzzz

Daniele Mandelli

Jordan is an ally, with capable armed forces, and King Abdullah is a friend of the UK.

This is welcome.